Monday, January 28, 2013

Fridge Magnet Humor

Greetings to all my lovelys. 
Still super stressed over here.  Took on too much and have to get it done ASAP.
Bit off more than I can chew.
Too many irons in the fire.
Burning candles at both ends.
My eyes were bigger than my stomach.
Any more idioms?
Thought I would stop in to say hello and give you a grin for your Monday.
I'm wondering if my 17 year old son has trust issues. 
Therapy maybe?  No.......they will just blame the mother.
These magnets are hilarious. 
When his friends come over for a visit,
they all have to make a stop at the fridge to shock me with a new sentence or two. 
((((((((((((group hugs)))))))))))))
Be at peace.  Be kind.  Be grateful
~The End~

Sunday, January 27, 2013


~"Firefly" and Quilting~
“Rest and be thankful.”  
~The End~

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Florida Minimalist ~ My New Style

Please do not be inspired by me or copy my unique look without giving me
full credit for my intellectual property. 
(you know I'm kidding, right?)
Busy and stressed here. 
Trying to stay focused and cheerful.
Peace and much love to you.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Mothering With Warmth

Pa sat close to the stove holding Carrie on his knee.  He had taken off her shoes to make sure that her feet were not frozen and he held her wrapped in a shawl.  The shawl shivered with Carrie's shivering. 
"I can't get warm, Pa," she said. 
Put up 6 quarts of vegetable soup today.
"You girls are chilled through.  I'll have you a hot drink in a minute," said Ma, hurrying into the kitchen. 
She brought them each a steaming cup of ginger tea. 
Homemade, from scratch Hershey's hot cocoa with extra marshmallows.
"My, that smells good!" said Mary and Grace leaned on Laura's knee looking longingly at the cup till Laura gave her a sip and Pa said, "I don't know why there's not enough of that to go around."
Borscht season. 
"Maybe there is," said Ma, going into the kitchen again.

It was so wonderful to be there, safe at home, sheltered from the winds and the cold.  Laura thought that this must be a little bit like Heaven, where the weary are at rest.  She could  not imagine that Heaven was better than being where she was, slowly growing warm and comfortable, sipping the hot, sweet ginger tea, seeing Ma and Grace and Pa and Carrie, and Mary all enjoying their own cups of it and hearing the storm that could not touch them here. 

Be kind to strangers of course, because they could be angels,
but be kind to your family first. 
Nourish them with food, blankets and love.
(and hugs and kisses and hot tea and good conversation and...)

Be blessed and be a Blessing.

Stay Warm Pretty Peoples!!!

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Domestically Divine
The Brambleberry Cottage ~ Time Travel Thursday
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Raising Mighty Arrows ~ Proverbs 31 Thursdays

My grandkitty ZuZu says, "Nana, come back to bed.  I need a human to cuddle."
~ The End ~

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Landscape Gallery Wall and a New Addition

“Creativity takes courage. ” 
~ Henri Matisse ~
I've been rearranging my "Landscape Gallery" lately
I love my landscapes. 
3 are vintage prints.
2 were bought in antique stores (I'm too cheap to buy them there, usually).
A few were inherited.  
The black and white charcoal I drew in college 
My sister-in-law did the wonderful cow skull in blue pastel. 
The rest are thrift store oil painting finds.
I buy what speaks to me, or if it's cheap enough. :)

I'm more of a flower person so my landscape collection surprises me.
And now I love it more than anything and I'm always on the hunt.
And for the record, my living room is not purple. 
It's a rich denim almost navy blue (or maybe Texas Ranger blue??).
(I'll miss you Napoli.  Good luck in Boston)
I'm a terrible photo editor.  Sorry for the funny color. 
And now, for my latest edition...  You'll never guess how much I paid for her... 
.50  cents!!!!!! 
First of all, she's gorgeous. 
I LOVE her pink blossoms. 
I LOVE the lush frame. 
So, so pretty. 
Second, she's a perfect rectangle.  I had a "rectangle" shaped hole in my gallery which needed filling.  She fits into our landscape grouping wonderfully. 
Everyone is thrilled to have her as part of our family now. 
Thank you for visting and following me at Sweet Woodruffs. 
Many Blessings and Much Kindness to you...
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ZuZu my daughter's cat, loves viewing art too,
but she prefers paintings of birds.
~ The End ~

Pooh sends Get Well message to Mr. Toes

A very nice internet friend, Linda at A La Carte,
has a sweet "cat child" named Mr. Toes. 
An evil, wicked, mean, nasty, hateful, barbaric, savage human (inhuman) shot
Mr. Toes with a pellet gun. 
He isn't feeling well right now and is very, very sick. 
Please go give Mr. Toes some love and lift them up in prayer. 
Pray for Linda too, as I'm sure she's sad and worried. 
Our pets are our children,
and surely God cares for our furry babies too. 
He answers the fervent prayers of the righteous.    
Pooh was so upset for Mr. Toes,
he put his head down and cried. 

Be Kind. 
Be the light in a very dark world.
Be blessed and Be a Blessing

Monday, January 21, 2013

Orange Julius Snack

I've got tons of oranges waiting to be juiced. 
My son and his girlfriend had never had an Orange Julius.
I was suprised.  I explained how they were a big thing in the 80's.
You always got one at the mall when you were shopping...
Save those orange peels ~ Here is how you can use them
They laughed the, "Ohhhh Mom, you're sooooooo old" laugh and
had a good chuckle over my 80's throw back.  (brats)
The skeptical "yutes" were amazed and LOVED them.
They each had 2 or 3 in one afternoon.
Here is the recipe I have
(although you can google it and see there are dozens of ways to make one)
Orange Julius
1 Cup Milk
2 Cups Orange Juice
2 Capfulls Vanilla
1/4 Cup Sugar
(I also threw in a large spoonfull of vanilla
yogurt just to thicken)
Put in a blender and mix till smooth. 
I did a HUGE favor for them the other day. 
I said I would do the favor in exchange for photos (cuz I'm the mama-razzi)
This is what I got! 
(They love me way more than they would ever admit) 
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"MOM!  It's not fair Jonah get's all the yummy snacks."
~ Be Blessed ~

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Lucky Thrifted Vintage Treasures this week.

Fabulous and exciting thrifting week for me.  I paid very little for all items below. 
Yay for bargains!
Tomorrow a large group of us will be heading to Webster, Florida
I'm excited to spend the day with friends and family. 
Hoping for a super lucky vintage treasure hunting day. 
I'll probably be selling it all, except for the last item.  :) 
And lastly, one of my favorite finds of my whole entire thrifting life (25 years).  I paid $50 for 3 rugs from the 1930's, originally from England.  I've wanted some of these for years and years, but never would spring the $$$. 
I'm sooooooooooo happy and excited.
(I'll post better pictures hopefully soon.  I had been taking pictures for 4 hours by the time I got to the rugs and I was tired....blah....but I wanted you to see, and celebrate with me.  :)   
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"I'm so excited!  New rugs for me to sleep and keep warm.  Mama always brings home yummy stuff for me." 
Count your blessings.
Choose Joy.
~ The End ~ 
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