Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Morning Dog Walk with our Springers

I hope you are healthy, well and 
savoring all there is to be admired in Autumn.
My favorite thing about Florida autumn:
Well...SORT OF!! 
(Seriously, I took the dogs to the dog park yesterday about 4:30 PM and they overheated. Ugh)

It's best to take them into the woods first thing in the morning.  
We turn them loose and set them free...
Springers "SPRINGING", 
 frenzied with activity is fun to watch.

There are wild turkey and dove all over.  
So many delicious things to smell and track

Olivia sticks close to Mom and Dad.

I like this picture of Marshall.  He is "springing" here. 

Marshall and Charlie are crazy hunters. They stick together and tag team tunnel through the grass.

Marshall can fly! WhooooooBoyyy! He can run. Fast as a Greyhound. A Gazelle. A Cheetah. 
Blink and you've missed him.  He LOOOOOVES TO RUN!

I asked Olivia to pose beside the wild morning glories. This was all she would give me. :)

"Wait up Dad!" 

Charlie, our heart breaker.  The grass is very tall.  He tunnels, gets tangled and goes honey badger. 
Except he is scared of thunder. And zombies. He hates zombies.

My 2 girls. The lights of my life.  LeeLee the Cow Dog never, ever leaves my side. 

Homeward bound.  Until tomorrow.....

If you don't know the story, all our dogs are rescued. 
(And Marshall is a foster dog through ESRA )
I'm not against "GOOD", principled dog breeders (and would maybe buy one if I could afford it), 
I just like to kindly and gently suggest people 
"Think Adoption First"
So many dogs in foster care of all breeds are waiting for a family and home.
Visit their web pages and shop the abandoned, rescued and waiting dogs first. 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Fat Quarter Shop sponsored GIVEAWAY

Thank you all for entering.  I met some lovely people along the way.
The winner is Lisa, from Mabey She Made It
She has a nice blog with some good reading
Go say hi to her.


Thank you for following me on this blogging journey.  Some of you have been around for years.  That's a lot of love! xoxox 
 If you're new, I hope you'll start following now. 
Yay for new friends!!
The Fat Quarter Shop is sponsoring a giveaway for me. 

(I'm thrilled to pieces!!  2 inch square pieces, leaders and enders, chain pieced...BOOM!). 

 has been one of my favorite places to buy fabric over the years. 
They are offering a fat quarter bundle of fabric,
designed by good friends and my former employer,
The Olde Green Cupboard

19 Fat Quarters of County Londonderry!

(Not to be a name dropper or anything...but...
I know these wonderful people).

I'm in love with these colors.
Really, really pretty and classic. 

Gloria and Vicky , the heart of Olde Green Cupboard, are a twin sister design team.  Together their two minds create... "glorious and victorious"......fabric and patterns. :)  They are the sweetest, most generous people I have ever known.  I can't tell you how much they have enriched my life and made it prettier over the years.  I really can't!  Just believe me when I tell you....they are beautiful, talented, creative, very special people.  I'm so excited and happy for their successful fabric designs with Marcus Fabrics.  Don't you love it when good, deserving people succeed? 

Gloria and Vicky do a lot of reproduction type of fabrics, patterns and wool designs.
**You can find their design site here: The Olde Green Cupboard **
**You can find Gloria's blog here: The Olde Green Cupboard Blog **

I hope you'll follow them and become their newest fans. 
You will grow to love them as much as everyone else does.

They run fabulously fun and friendly retreats in Jacksonville, Florida too, by the way.  Well worth the trouble and expense of travel.  They book up quickly so plan ahead.

I hope so much I made the giveaway easy on you.  I'm  new to Rafflecopter.
Technology is not always easy for me and I pretty much just wing it in here every single day. 
I envy Bloggers who make it look so easy.
Good luck! 
Be Blessed and Be a blessing

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Curved Crumb Fabric Scraps

I made a Bulls Eye Quilt out of Civil War and
Shirting Fabrics years ago.
I saved all my scraps, of course. 

 I couldn't figure out how to use rounded and curved crumb pieces. 
I thought I would lose too much good fabric
if I cut them up into usable squares or rectangles.

 I decided to play with top stitching and the zig zag stitch.
It gave some fun movement and playfulness to my crumb blocks. 
It looks a little like an old crazy quilts.

Give it a try and experiment. 
Enjoy your art!
Be Blessed and Be a blessing!

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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Springer Spaniel Florida Foster ~ Marshall

Thank you to all my new followers. 
I promise I'm not ignoring you.  I will try to respond as soon as I can. 
I had a little accident with my eye and it made looking at the computer screen painful last week. 
All is well now.
(He answers to Marshall, Marshy and Marshmallow)
He has gorgeous Topaz brown eyes
Marshall's health has improved significantly. 
When we first got him, he was COVERED......seriously covered...
as in one. solid. mass.
of giant scab from flea bites, scratching and chewing. 
His skin was in terrible shape. 
He had several bald spots and very thin hair. 
He was an owner surrender. 
Emotionally, he was well cared for and loved. 
Because of a family crisis, they could not afford his medical care.   
It was very, very painful for them to surrender him and after fostering this precious soul for many weeks, I know what they were going through that night we took him. 
How do you surrender the perfect dog?
(and he really, really is)

He honestly and truly has nothing wrong with his personality.  
The only naughty thing he has done has been counter surfing! 
Oops!  Gotta put the food up. 
He has the BEST manners and is so chill and easy going. 
Nothing bothers him!!!
Wonderfully happy, cheerful and playful, but not crazy-hyper. 
He loooooves hunting lizards and he is as fast as a greyhound.  Whew, he can fly!!!
He loves us and has bonded well with everyone.

He is shy and is a little reserved, although, not skittish and nervous. 
When he first meets new people, especially men, he is cautious.  He will stand behind our legs and hide.  He eventually might sniff you, but he won't show an interest in you.  After he has met you several times, he finally starts trusting you.  It took him maybe a good week not to be cautious with us. 
We take him around to say hi to neighbors on his walk. 
He is meeting new people and gradually being friendly with them.
My favorite little thing he does: when he wants a hug or wants to show affection, he will stand next to you and kind of put his body up against you.  Not powerfully, but just enough to let you know he is there, he likes you and will you please give him a hug? 

Although he fits in, loves everyone and gets along with all the dogs in our home and neighborhood, even the cats!!!...I can't help but feel a little sorry for him.  Our pack has been together awhile and it's almost like he is an outsider or odd man out.  The girl dogs hang out with me.  And Charlie hangs out with Dad.  I feel like Marshall is ready, waiting and wanting his own special person.  Charlie isn't always in the mood to share Daddy and Olivia isn't always in the mood to share Mama. 

Marshall needs his own family.  He had children to love at his other home.  He is meek and gentle and will do well with children again.  He was home alone for up to 16 hours a day in the past.  I hope in his new home, he will have someone with him.  I would hate to see him crated and alone all day. 
If you are interested in adopting Marshall, he will be listed on the "available Springers" board soon. 
Click HERE and watch the South East board.
If you're interest in a Springer Spaniel, please consider adopting.
You can foster a dog, help with transportation and pick up,
or donate $$$ which helps with food and vet bills. 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Guess Who - Hand Me Down World

Would you wear hand-me-down shoes?  Or thrifted, used shoes? 
Some people are ~ "Heck no! No WAY!" ~ people
Some people are ~ "OK, Maybe, if they look clean much are they?  Cheap?  Sure!  I'll wear them" ~ people.
I potentially fall in the later category, if they are clean enough. 
A week later, I'm still hung up on these shoes I found at the Thrift Store, which were too small.  They were so different and unique.  Don't you hate it when you fall in love with something, and you can't have it?  These shoes are worthless, until you can't have them....and then all of a sudden, you would cut off your right arm for a pair, your size.  D'oh! 

 So I've dried my eyes. *sniff*
  I've let go. 
I hope these shoes blessed someone else out in the universe.  *sigh* 
Then I hear this song, and started remembering the mega-fantabUlous Kenneth Cole,
leather Golf -not really- Loafers.   
Again, she weeps.  Boo. Hoo. 
It wasn't meant to be. 
hand me down blues by The Guess Who on Grooveshark
Do I age myself if I post this song?  I grew up on "The Guess Who".  I remember driving out to California in 1976, jammin' to their 8 Tracks in our black Pontiac Grand Prix....  This is us, in the mountains of Arizona.  I'm on the far right.  You can't see my face.  That's ok.  :)  We're going to Disney Land, baby!
“I could walk a mile in your shoes,
but I already know they're just as uncomfortable as mine.
Let's walk next to each other instead...” 
~ Lynda Meyers ~
Be blessed and Be a Blessing.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Mini Hexi Scrap Quilt ~ English Paper Piecing

I saved ALLLLLLLLLLL the scraps from
I saved every tiny piece and used them every where and I'm still using them now. 
For example, I used them on the wedding programs and her thank you notes. 
I was craving a quick Hexi project, something I could do quickly and not get bogged down into a project lasting years. 
I think these are half inch pieces.  I like to buy my paper from Paper Pieces.  I know you can make your own and I do when desperate, but I don't have time for that.  Support small business and some very nice people who have done the work for you.  :) 
I went traditional with the green paths through the garden.  I didn't have enough scraps of this size to make flowers so I just did the diamond thing....went a little rainbow-ish with the placement.  It turned out lovely and original (enough). 
The backing, I used a green Christmas type of fabric, incase the owner wants to use it as a table runner.  I like using green as backings because it can be used throughout the year for so many different holidays and seasons.
The binding is original feedsack fabric found while thrifting.  I absolutely LOVE it.  I'm afraid to use old feedsacks in quilts that will be heavily utilized by my chilly family.  I like using them in wall hangings or table pieces though. 

Oh, and I hand quilted it too. 
Hand pieced and hand quilted. 


Pooh loves the green garden paths the best. 
Mama likes the flower beds. 

Be blessed and be a Blessing.
Choose Joy.

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It's a really good idea.
I'm serious.

Friday, October 4, 2013

League of Mercy, Tampa Thrift Store Review

People always ask me where I thrift shop. 
 Granted it isn't much help to anyone outside of Tampa, Florida,
but maybe you'll find this useful or at least entertaining. 
I shop at the League of Mercy on Hillsborough Ave every 3 months,
when I'm down this way for an appointment. 
*Prices are usually VERY good and reasonable.*
*I have good luck here with vintage jewelry, vintage dishes, and vintage furniture.*
*Tons of clothes for families here, but I don't find a lot of "vintage clothing" and hardly ever find vintage linens.
(but you should still look)
*If you have a good eye for vintage "junk" and
visit here often enough,you'll always find something fun.
*It's not the cleanest place, but it's not filthy.  I can handle it. 
I think most of this problem is poor lighting. 
*Not as many books as most thrift stores. Vinyl is slim.
*If you love vintage furniture and can reupholster, then this is your store.  I see really cool chairs here all the time, but I don't know how to reupholster,
I don't have time and it will junk up my garage waiting. 
*The check out lady is super sweet.  She doesn't speak English well.
Just practice your best Spanish and smile a lot.  :)
It's around the intersection of Hillsborough and Armenia right by the CVS. Parking is tight, and terrible.  It's easier to park at CVS and walk over.  There is also more parking in the back. 
These were some of today's finds which didn't come home with me. 
Just a fun sample of what you might find.
 Shut the front door!  Oh Andy!  RIP  Poor guy.  And I seriously wanted this vintage Polka Record but what would I do with it?  Decorate for Octoberfest? Records are .61 cents
OK, now this just made me mad.  I always look for Hank records and was excited to find this...
album cover.  What???  No record inside?  Dadgummit!
(Like lots of people we cover - empty)
I LOVED this white corner cabinet. 
I almost got it and want to go back and get it. 
It was very reasonable.  I can't remember,
but it was cheap and there is nothing wrong with it.
You know.... I love this chair. And if I thought about it long enough, I could have talked myself into it.  But I have NO yellow in my house. And this busy fabric would probably get on my nerves quickly.  But it was soooo pretty.  It had yellow birds on it. 
How can you not buy a chair with yellow birds on the fabric??  Really! 
This was a fabulous piece of heavy furniture in the super trendy "French she-she-foo-foo, let's paint it a sweet new color" style......Loved it, don't need it and don't have time to paint it.  $49.
I collect landscape oil paintings.  It was $4.00 and slightly damaged.  I thought and thought about it, because it looks like the road out to Muenster, Texas from Gainesville, Hwy 82. 
It didn't speak to me.  We didn't hit it off. 
We're on friendly terms though. 
I loved these Kenneth Cole leather loafers.  I thought they were golf shoes, but they weren't. 
Just loved them to pieces.  Size 7.  One size too small. 
Story of my thrifting life. 
Never, ever leave Lilly Pulitzer behind.  That is in the Thrifting 101 textbook. If she doesn't fit, you can hoard her for quilt fabric (or sell her on eBay).  $4.00 dress. 
A little high for my cheap self, but....what was the rule???
We never, ever leave Lilly Pulitzer behind.
Very good, class!
It looks like he is trying to break her neck.  Weird Love. 
It takes all kinds, I guess.
I remember these things at the drug store when I was little. 
Broke my heart to leave Knowles behind.  There were several pieces of this pattern,
including this sugar bowl with a lid, which is rare. 
The set was under $10.00
I loved this vintage plaster Lion.  Sometimes things are so ugly, they work.  LOL
  If I was Catholic, I would have bought this vintage plaster Mary. 
She was so pretty. 
I just don't have a place for it and I'm not buying any more stock for Etsy right now.
And the cute little SOS pad frog...alas...
what is a vintage kitchen without one? 
And I LOVED this vintage plaster Jesus, but again, what would I do with Him?  I have a tradition of taking a picture of a Jesus, every time I'm in a thrift store and texting it to my daughter.  I hesitate to tell you it's a joke between us, because then you'll think I think Jesus is a joke...which He is not. 
It's just a little "Jesus at the Thrift Store" thing we have between the 2 of us. 
Sooooo...He was today's Jesus.
My daughter said it looked like He was doing gangsta signs. 
Jesus loves everyone, so maybe He is.
Not to change the subject or anything,
but is "Fall Of Giants " a good read? 
I like some of Ken Follett's other works, 
especially The Pillars of the Earth.
Wondering if this one is good too. 
Hahaha!  I laughed when I saw this book,
The Curse of the Good Girl, by Rachel Simmons. 
I totally know that girl! 
Being a good girl can be a curse....sometimes.  
and my favorite thing I did not buy today, which I might go back tomorrow and buy, just to keep in my purse so I can pull it out when someone is talking to me and I want them to SHUT
This bratty little girl holding her ears.  Boom!  
Stop talking.  Be quiet.   
PLEASE keep in my mind, these are the opinions of a biased stranger on the internet. 
Thrift store merchandise changes daily. 
If it's not good one visit, it might be good the next. 
What's cheap to one person, might be expensive to someone else. 
What's a rat hole to me, might be a gold mine to the next treasure hunter. 
Be fair when judging thrift stores as they are usually run for charity. 
I don't want someone to lose money because we caught them on a bad day.
 Have fun, keep an open mind and an open eye. 
Good luck!
So far I only have 2 up, but I am a "professional thrifter"
and I have tons of hot spots to share with you. 
If you have any Florida thrift store recommendations,
please let me know. 
I would love to visit.
Pooh says it's all Junk.  Rude!
Be blessed and Be a blessing.
Choose Joy.  
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