Hello.  I'm Michal.

Pronounced "Michael".
Yes, I am a woman.
Yes, I'm sure my name is not Michelle.
No, I do not have a boy's name.
No, my dad did not want a boy.
Yes, just like King David's wife, Saul's daughter and Jonathan's sister.

I'm 3.  I was always dreaming.....or pouting.... I still dream and pout.  Ask my husband.  LOL  

This me and my crows feet.  Pouting.  This is what I look like when I'm trying to figure out Google+ / New Facebook changes / Twitter / HTML / my camera / Blogger / the tension on my sewing machine...... *facepalm*

Juuuuusstttt Kidding.  
This is what I really look like.  
Me on Easter, 2014

I have expensive taste, on a thrift store budget.
I sew.  I thrift.  I read.
I love my family and my animals. I live a quiet life.
I mind my own business. I work with my hands.

Incase you were wondering:
(Just the facts ma'am).

1.   I am a Christian.  I believe Jesus Christ is the son of God.  You don't have to be a Christian for me to love you or be your friend.  I prefer living my faith, rather than preaching it.  
2.  I am an amateur.  I find technology and Blogger difficult to use, but I enjoy the challenge.  I love learning new things.

3.   I have an awesome Nikon D5000   It's a lot of camera for me and I miss film, but I love my camera and it is never far from me. I even take it to bed with me.  Creepy, huh?

4.  I love to read and read about 30 books at a time.  *face palm*  Classic literature inspires me.

5.  I love mothering and nurturing my children.  My kids are grown now, so I mother and nurture my animals. 

7.  I have 1 daughter and 1 son.  Girl child doesn't care if I take her picture or blog about her.  Boy child is much more private.  It may look as if I have a favorite child because I always talk about one and not the other, but this is not so.  :)

8.  I homeschooled and graduated both my children.  It was the best thing we ever did. 

8.  I sew or quilt every single day of my life.  I mostly quilt, but love sewing for children and all kinds of needlework. 

9.  The color red orange makes me nauseous.  I'm not kidding.  Every since I was a little girl, if I stare at a red orange crayon, I'll start gagging.  What's up with that?

10. I'm from Texas.  I live in Tampa, Florida now.  I stay homesick, but if you're going to be stuck some where, Florida isn't so bad.

11.  I can't remember a time in my life when strawberries weren't my favorite food.  Absolute. Favorite. Forever.

12.  I love musicals and frequently break out in song.  My feelings are hurt when other people don't know the lyrics.

13.  I've been married 20 years.  Go us!  I don't talk about him much.  He is private.

Be Blessed. Be a Blessing. 
Be Kind. Be Genuine. Be Loyal. Be Gracious.
Encourage one another.
This is what I look like.  I'm on your left. 
(My sister has the sunglasses.  Hi Nancy!)

A major theme of this blog is
finding joy after life's traumas and difficult change.  Yes it was horrible.  
Now go create something beautiful. 
And be a loving person.


“Behind every exquisite thing that existed, there was something tragic.”The Picture of Dorian Gray, Oscar Wilde

I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten
Joel 2:25


This was funny to me.  Seems like a good place to put it
16 Things Only People with UniQue names will understand.


Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

I love your sense of humour - great list! You look way too young to have grown children! We homeschool also.

Anonymous said...

I'm a brand new follower and I look forward to reading your posts!


Karens Quilts, Crows and Cardinals said...

Michal -- Thanks for your sweet comment on Facebook (Redbird Quilt Co.) - it's great to meet you!! Lovin your blog and especially your "She" tab... thanks for the smile tonight. Take care, Karen

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