Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wedding Quilt Progress

Grandmother's Flower Garden Progress

Here is what my view looks like most of the time.  A big bulk of hexi strips and a TV on in the background.
Don't you wish you were here to sew with me?

Holy this point, I'm wondering why I am doing this.  Oh yes, now I remember.  I'm crazy in love with my daughter and I'm a quilter.  How can a quilter NOT make her only daughter a wedding quilt?  Never one to shy away from punishment, as I'm a glutton, I am still working on my daughter's wedding quilt which is queen sized, hand pieced, English Paper Pieced, hexi quilt....pant, pant, pant.  That was a mouth full.   Grandmother's Flower Garden... Oy Vey ~ Face Palm...yada, yada yada....what was I thinking?

Can you tell I'm watching Malcom in the Middle?  LOL  I loved that show.  I LOVE Dewey.  What a sweet boy he was.

Don't let my whining fool you.  I AM enjoying the process.  Hand work and hand stitching of any kind is my favorite thing to do.  Although, I have noticed I'm going blind.  I don't know if it's because of my age now 40+ or from paper piecing a queen sized quilt.  Hmmmm....probably both.  

You are getting sleepy.  And more sleepy.  And more sleepy.  Slump..... Honestly, I think these fabrics are boring me.

Anyway, here is a reminder for the audience of why I'm doing this.

  • Grandma died.  
  • My kids are the babies of the family and never got their handmade wedding quilt from her. :(
  • Determined to carry on the tradition of each grandchild receiving a hand pieced, hand quilted wedding quilt for their wedding from their grandmother, I take this challenge on.  How hard can it be to hand piece a quilt???
  • I decided English Paper Piecing would be the easiest way for me to hand piece something.
  • Spiritually and emotionally, this quilt would be "from grandma".  I only allowed myself to choose fabrics she would have chosen.  She loved 30's reproductions.  Voila! 
  • I also used a lot of her stash in this quilt, which I inherited.  
  • I'm using 1 1/2 inch Hexagons from Paper Pieces.  I am not an affiliate.  I just like their products. we are.  I'm getting close to being done.  I think this is my last row.  And let me just tell photos are horrible.  I know it.  The lighting in my living room is terrible.  I don't think I EVER got a good photo of this quilt.  *sigh*  I can blame it on the camera and the lighting but let's face's probably me.  On well.  Onward.......

It takes up the whole living room floor.  I'm exhausted just looking at it.  100% hand pieced.  Doh!
I always liked 30's reproductions until I worked on this quilt for 2 years.  I hate them now.  Sorry.  

It took me awhile to figure out it would go faster if I stitched in rows.  Hello????  Why did no one tell me that trick?

Well.  There you have it.  My progress thus far.  I'm getting so close to finishing.  I only allowed myself to quilt something grandma would have approved and stitched herself.  I think she would have LOVED this.  Just wish she was here.  I miss quilting with her.

You can see the finished quilt here.

Have you made anything large with English Paper Piecing yet?  Or Hexies?  

Have you challenged yourself with rules similar to the ones I've made for myself, above?  

  • Share with me in the comments below. Link me up to your work.  I would love to see it.  

  • Sweet Woodruff Fans gather here on Facebook.  Come visit with us.  

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