Thursday, March 27, 2008

Jonah Leadership Material or Future Tyrant??

My son is a Shyster.

He's almost 13 so I guess I'm due for something like this.

I found out today, he's been charging girls who want to sit by him at homeschool co-op. Apparently, he's so popular and there are so many girls who want to be his friend, he's been taking advantage of it. They bring him offerings of candy or chips each week in hopes that he will grant them access. I guess he thinks he is King Xerxes. He even has a bunch of boys who assist him as bodyguards by not allowing girls without offerings to approach his "throne".

I find this disconcerting, disturbing and embarrassing. How dare he. What a total brat, albeit, a creative one. Wait until his father gets home from Pennsylvania to hear this! I've been praying for God to help us see his strengths so we could guide him into high school studies and college. I think the Lord answered my prayer. My sons strengths are in politics. He needs to major in political science and be a politician.

I'm disappointed in his judgment. What was he thinking? I asked him how long he thought he was going to get away with it and didn't he think I would ever find out????

The funny thing is, my son is such a sweet, compassionate, tender hearted, generous, thoughtful, very, very kind person. He's a stand up guy and wouldn't hurt anyone. He goes out of his way to be helpful and do the right thing by everyone. He would do anything for anyone and not because of pride or attention or a thank you....he does it because his heart is pure and he cares about people. I'm just shocked that of all the wrong things he could do, this would be it. I guess I should be glad he isn't hiding in a bathroom taking drugs or something.

It's pretty bad when your child does something awful and you are just grateful it wasn't drugs. *wiping forehead*

Character training is more difficult than I ever thought it would be. He's in so much trouble. I think his Aunt Ginger was his downfall. She taught him how to smoke cookies while playing games.

I'm blaming it all on her.

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