Monday, December 31, 2012

Because we miss Princess Peach

My son and his sweetheart. 

"An aware parent loves all children he or she meets and interacts with - for you are a caretaker for those moments in time." - Doc Childre. 
(one of my all time most favorite quotes)
Princess Peach is a little camera shy, as well as my 17 year old son.  I thought this set of photos was funny.  My son was protecting his princess from the
wicked, fire breathing dragon mother with a camera. 
Princess Peach is a teeny, tiny thing and my son is a beastly offensive lineman type. 
They are like Beauty and the Beast.  They have been friends for 6 years at church.  They finally decided to make a go of it this fall and see where Providence takes them.
They are the cutest couple. 
She's in St. Louis for the holidays and he is MISERABLE.  Poor guy, I feel so sorry for him.  She's a wonderful artist and loves "Smashing" so we cut up 3 magazines full of words and sent her a care package today.  I hope she enjoys gluing on the long trip back home to Florida. 
Enjoy the pictures. 
I hope they make you smile. 

She is a lovely, peachy girl.  We all miss her badly.  :( 
This picture cracks me up.  Tell us how you REALLY feel about your boyfriend's mother???

Domstically Divine Tuesday

Pooh feels it necessary to gently remind you, the kind audience,
to please keep your voices down during nap hours

~The End ~

Be blessed and safe this New Years Eve. 
We're off to shoot fireworks.  Yippee!!!  My favorite are black cats because they are wickedly obnoxious. 


Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Year of the Russian Novel


I wanted to do this 2 years ago.  It didn't happen.
Then I decided last year this would happen.  It didn't happen. 
This year, 2013, it will happen
I've declared it the year of the Russian Novel
Will it be too depressing to read so many in a row? 
(If it get's too heavy, I'll have to sprinkle in some Wodehouse or Twain)
I have never read one.  I know I have read stories, but never the thick novels.
I've been busy with British and American the past 25 years,
with the occasional appearance of French, German or Italian works. 
I also have a bad habit of rereading favorite classics over and over.  Tsk. Tsk.
Time to move on and accomplish some nerdy goals
I've always had. 
Which one should I read first?  Kindle's on stand by and ready to burn.

And to kick us off, we're having Borsht for dinner tomorrow night, then fireworks.  Yay!

AND, we'll listen to
Vladimir Vystosky.  I don't speak a word of Russian, but I love his voice. 
I remember my dad listening to him. 

Now if I can get my family to join me (doubtful),
 that would be wonderful. 


Crestfallen Pooh was looking forward to more A.A.Milne. 
Be Blessed and Be a blessing to others. 
Choose Joy.

“There are two motives for reading a book; one,
that you enjoy it; the other,
that you can boast about it" ~ Bertrand Russell

Bagworm Cocoon

I think these cocoons are beautiful.  An insect who builds his own log cabin?  How cool is that?
I'm glad I decided to share this photo today.  I looked it up.  Turns out Bagworms are particularly distructive to evergreens.  And now I'm wondering if this is what's wrong with our pine tree.  Hmmmm.....
Well, enjoy the photo.  Let's go spin our own log cabins.  It could be fun, right?
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Saturday, December 29, 2012

1943 Hide and Seek Vintage Mechanical Book

Hope you don't mind another photo heavy post. 
I'm too tired to feel inspired or to be inspiring. 
Let's let each other off the "inspire me to greatness" hook
 and do the eye candy thing, shall we? 
~ paper, art, illustrations, children's literature ~
Holy Mother of Batman, Robin and heck......the whole cotton pickin' Justice League,
I'm so in love with this book. 
It's strange.  It's gorgeous.  It's unique.  It's fun.  It's divinely peachy.  
It's a riddle, joke book.  It's got little pockets, windows and levers to pull or open,
revealing the answer. 
(Do they call these Mechanical Books?  I'm drawing a blank).
I hate the small pictures and wish you could hold it in your hands. 
It's one of the neatest little books I've ever seen.  The colors are so rich and glorious. 
Pull her tongue.  Really?
It still has the little secret report booklet inside.  Usually children lose these right away. 
For this to still be here increases it's value. 
I'll probably sell it on Etsy eventually. 
I'll keep it a week or two and look at it 100 more times. 
I hope you are
Choose Joy. 
Be blessed and Be a Blessing. 
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Woah, woah, woah.......MOM.......I said I wanted the GREEN Fiesta bowl! 
I'll wait. 
~ The End ~

Shoot!  ETA:  I'll be having a giveaway very soon. 

The purchase was made and I'm awaiting it's arrival. 

It has something to do with this perfectly amiable and creative blogger



Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday Links and Lovelys

Friday Lovelys to share. 
I always find the neatest things on the Internet. 
I want to habitually share them, yet always forget. 
So here is to always remembering......this week. 
~ 10 Lovelys ~

Topsy Turvy Doll Tutorial from Handmade Charlotte


Thrift Core is a very cool blog if you are "young" (younger than me), grew up in the 80's and 90's and love thrifting, collecting and antique boothing.  She is VERY fun, not to mention helpful.  I would call myself her #1 fan but that would be a little "Misery" creepy. 


I want it!!!! Really, really badly. LOVE this Woodland Bracelet from hARTjewelry on Etsy


I love finding these patterns and making them up for children in our church.  It helps with quiet worship.  Plus, these types of things are just nice to have around when quiet time is needed.  The original pattern for composition books is found at Splendorfalls  
tweaked it and made a coloring book caddie.  So Bravo to ALL the wonderful people who do all the math , then tell us what to do in their sewing tutorials.  :) 

Jesus in the Thrift Shop by Deborah Akel

Jesus in the Thrift Shop is pretty much one of my favorite articles of all time, in the history of forever.  You know how you forget 99% of what you read or see online.  This article has stayed with me over the years.  I guess it touched me some how.  I can't explain it. 
(And in fact, my daughter and I have a thrift store game, based on this article. 
I guess in a way, this article was life changing for me.  More about that later). 
But really read it.  It's so tender and sweet


If you LOVE children's literature and lean towards the nerdy side, check out this article I found.  I was so excited.  My children and I loved Island of the Blue Dolphins.
Archaeologists think they have found her cave. 


Speaking of books!!!   Holy Cow, thanks Random House! 
They have accumulated tons of 2012 Book Lists.  I. Love. Book. Lists!!!  OK, ready, set....GO! 


Easy tutorial on how to make this lovely New Years Candles
I love easy AND pretty. 

and drum roll please.........


My Favorite Lovely of the week is my grandson frolicking
in his marshmallow world in Lake Kiowa, TX.


Be blessed and be a blessing!

Choose Joy! 

((((Hooches and smugs))))

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Wee Little Stitches

I. Love. These Wee Little Stitches so, so, so much. 
I'm a nerd. 
I married a nerd. 
I gave birth to 2 nerds. 
One of those nerds married another nerd. 
I want to stitch every single one of these to go with our family photo gallery wall. 
Just so fun and delightful!
I think I'll start with the Monty Python one. 
Or the Princes Bride one.
Or the Breakfast Club one. 

Wee Little Stitches Cross Stitch

They are having a Boxing Sale this week on her PDF patterns.  They are 30% off.  Bargain!!!
Go check out their Etsy store and support unique, independent artists


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Antique Little Girl photo in Corvex Glass Frame

Here is a tutorial on avoiding cat fights in the thrift store in 2 easy steps:


1.  Let me have it.

2.  Walk away and forget you ever saw it. 

(Otherwise, there will be some major hair pullage)

Oh snap, she's kidding right?  Right? 
All humor and kidding aside, I would never, ever fight at a store or hurt someone and if someone is going to turn the other cheek, it will usually be me.  At the thrift store, it's usually me who sees beautiful antiques like this antique photograph with curved glass in someone's cart. 
I almost heart lept off the balcony into my stomach and I got the roller coaster ridin' adrenalin rush.  Weeeeeeee!  The thrift store was closing and the people there were none too happy with me.  They all but yelled at me to Get Out!!! 
I'M NOT LEAVING WITHOUT THIS ITEM, so chill out pretty peoples. 
I gave them my money and ran to the car to cuddle her.  I ran so fast, you might have thought I had stolen her.  I was too excited to walk calmly and keep my poker face.  She was icky dirty and needed a bath.  No.Problem.  *big cheesy grin*
I've wanted one of these since I was a little girl.  We had one with my great grandpa Braddock in it.  My mom (accidentally) broke it throwing a shoe down the hallway (my poor mother has the worst luck).  :(  Curved glass is rare and difficult to find. 
And by the way, don't ever ask me to take a photo of curved glass again.  This was a VERY hard thing to photograph.  Oy! 
Is it just me, or is Pooh smiling in this photo?  What a PUNK!! 

Get off my stuff Pooh, Mom's working!!

~the end~

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Pinch of a Christmas

God rest ye Merry Gentlemen, let nothing you dismay.......
I hope your Christmas was magical and award winning. 
I pray peace, blessings and kind favor on your sweet families. 
Sanitary Pooh wants to remind everyone to be clean and tidy at the Christmas table.  And whatever happens, don't get caught. 
Never, ever get caught!  #1 Rule!
My pets think furr people on the table is gross.  

~ The End ~

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Completely useless post 2 days before Christmas

and now for something completely different.......
I finally figured out how to get my facebook username thingy. 
I'M A GENIUS!!!!!!!! 
Tell me if it works.
I rock my own world!!!  Whoot whoot! 
(Inside joke with daughter.  Had to be there)
PS:  Just incase you were wondering, I LOVE LOU COSTELLO!! 
***Staggering upstairs to bed.  Nyquil is my friend.  Can't.Breathe.Through.Nose*** 

Vintage Christmas up on Etsy

....A day late and a $1,000 short (college loan payment due).  Goodness gracious!!! 
Well, at least she's educated. 
I listed a few vintage Christmas things tonight on Etsy.  Yea, I know, I's too late for this year.  But for junkies collectors such as myself, Christmas never ends.  We collect all year. 
Gimmee, gimmee, gimmee! 
I have several nice pieces for sale.  Tell your vintage Christmas loving friends to favorite my store and watch for more listings. 

Taste the Rainbow (I LOVE vintage tags).
Yummy Unused Vintage Christmas Stickers
1920's or 30's Chinese Lantern Christmas Tree Light Bulb
20's or 30' Santa Christmas Tree Light Bulb (Mr. Santa, my friend, I love you, please don't leave me. Sniff)
Vintage Wooden Ornaments (I love these guys)
Candy Can Egg Nog Mug (so sweet, I wanna keep it)
Super sweet unopened crewel kit for a Christmas Tree skirt. 1980
Vintage German Lighthouse Ornament

3 Meister Vintage Tin Christmas Coasters

Schnikes!!!  Waaaay over did it today.  But the house is clean and some things are listed. 
I'm going to bed blessed. 

Peace and Blessings!
Choose Joy!
Don't let the bed bugs bite!
(((((group hugs)))))


"Sometimes Mom get's whiney and I have to cheer her up by sitting on her stuff". 

~ The End ~
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