Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Orange Peel Stove Top Potpourri

They bloom in the spring, grow all summer and fall,

Now citrus harvest season is upon us in Florida. 

Orange peel is just another nifty thing I hoard
I save it all year to use when my soul craves a spicy contentment. 
It's like comfort food for your nose.
Save your peel chunks if you have no time to zest.    
You can leave them in big chunks or Julienne them. 
They will dry within a few days.
I have vintage pie crust cutters I'll use when I feel like it.  Makes for sweeter packages when given as a gift.

Here is my recipe for the "Orange Peel Stew"

(which you will NOT eat, only smell).  
I collect spices all year when they go on sale or I have a coupon.

Handful of Orange Peel
2 Tbls Pickling Spice
3 Cinnamon Sticks
1 Tbls whole Allspice
1 Tbls powdered Ginger
Place in 3 cups of water and simmer on stove top. 
May be refrigerated between uses. 
You'll have to bring it to a FULL Rolling bowl! 
It will look like back yard, mud pie and leaf stew. As soon as it comes to a heavy boil, turn it down immediately to very low simmer.  Simmer all day. Do not leave unattended.
*Your water will evaporate all day, so you'll keep adding water to your little pot.
*Little potpourri burners won't work either. This has to come to a boil on your stove, but be sure to turn it back down to the lowest heat, asap just to simmer, or it can scorch or burn.
*Refrigerate to use the next day. Add a few more pieces of orange peel or a cinnamon stick if it starts smelling weak.
*You also don't have to wait for your orange peel to dry to use it like this.  I do out of habit, but fresh boiled orange peel smells good too.  :) 

Pooh is feeling kind and generous today and offers you an orange. 

~The End~

Be blessed and be a blessing. 

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