Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I Spy Quilting with Pooh the Cat

I'm piecing an I Spy children's quilt as fast as I can for a Christmas gift. 
Pooh is uphappy if he is not the center of my world. 
This cat will be the death of me. I swear, he drives...me...CRAZZZZZYYY!!! But...I love him so much. This is what it's like to sew with him around. I lose count of how many times I (gently) toss him off the table.

See how he tortures me? He dares me!!! He triple-DOG-dares me. I'm such a nice person, he knows I'll never hurt him, which emboldens him even more.
I would move that tail if I were you!!!

So do you think he loves me and likes my company?
Is it the heat of the light bulb in the sewing machine?
Or is he intentionally trying to drive me crazy?
Sometimes I really wonder if he actually plots against me.


Against all odds, I'm making progress.

...Making progress because the beast has to nap every now and then...

...For the love of all that is good and holy...

I give up. I need a break. Time to quit for awhile. This is not a staged photo which cracks me up even more. My daughter felt it was appropriate to document my trials.
(Check out the Snuggie commercial in the background.  LOL).

Monday, December 8, 2008

Sewing Grocery Totes with Vintage Sheets

All I've been doing is sewing almost the whole day. Jonah sits beside me and works on his school. I'm getting burned out, but I keep pushing myself. I'm almost done. Whew!
I've completed 3 "I Spy" blankets so far. I wanted to finish at least one more, if I can. We've got a lot of delicious toddlers in our family I love to 'baby'.
Since we can't have any more, I have to spoil other people's children.

I've made a ton of these "Classic Tote/Grocery" bags out of vintage sheets for family.

I found a new favorite, quick and easy pattern at Sew Mama Sew. Check out the Classic Tote Tutorial and give it a try. They are addictive. I can't stop sewing them. I need to make myself some to keep after Christmas.

Another pattern I mean to try:
Wallet Sized Fold Up Reusable Shopping Bag from Whip Up
I think my sister would really like this one because it's neat and tidy storage solution.
 She's got two toddlers and always has a lot going on.

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