Thursday, May 20, 2010

Home from College

They move out - they move back in.
They move out - they move back in.

Girl Child has returned from her first year in college. Um, sure she was only 30 minutes away but what's that to a Mother? She might as well be on Mars - cause she's my baby and the home was missing her light and presence. We're all going to enjoy the "friendship" she brings to our family. She's a delightful companion to have in your life. And did I mention she's a hard worker? We're kinda like tag-team home makers. Maybe that's not healthy, but she's been such a big help (a God send...thank God for my good daughter!!!!) to me all these years since my back was ruined 4 years ago in a fender bender. I'm so proud of the woman she has become...she's such a wonderful, happy, witty, faithful joy in our life.

3 months with her, then she'll move back out - hopefully to move back in, again and again....cuz it's gonna be hard to let her go. I type this, I hear her foot steps over head just waking up...what a sweet sound to hear the feet of your child creaking across the floor upstairs...
I just read this page on my Kindle, a free Grace Livingston Hill download, and it made me smile at this familiar feeling. The context is a Presbyterian minister watching his just returned daughter sweeping the front porch:
" he wrote an article..... he was more keenly alive to the song on the lips of his child, who had but lately returned from college life in one of the great universities for women. He smiled as he wrote, and a light came in his deep thoughtful eyes. She had gone and come, and she was still unspoiled, mentally, physically, or spiritually. That was a great deal to have kept out of life in these days of unbelief. He had been almost afraid to hope she would come back the same." "The City of Fire", 1922
Just thought it was interesting that parents were worried about the same things for their daughters back in 1922. As Solomon said, there is nothing new under the sun.
Hooches and Smugs
(((group hug)))

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