Sunday, November 29, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are Baby Quilt

My daughter's close friend from childhood is having her first baby.

So she kept her baby who is coming into our world in January. We're all so excited.

She wanted to do a "Where the Wild Things Are" theme for the baby (she adds, BEFORE the movie made it popular again!!). I am making her a baby quilt of course. All babies should be celebrated and cuddled in hand made quilts, don't you think?

I couldn't find WTWTA fabric. I decided to go "rogue" and do my own thing, which is what I prefer anyway. I pulled my WTWTA book out and then pulled colors and textures of fabric to match the art work. It was a brilliant idea because I love it so much more than if I had found themed fabric. Plus this way, the quilt is less easily outgrown. He can love it for years instead of just 5 or 6. Know what I mean?

Another nice thing about doing a more traditional baby quilt is a mother can use it as a wall hanging or a furniture cover/table runner later, instead of packing it away with other baby things.

Here are some pictures of the fabric. I have finished the quilt top and I'm now hand quilting it like a maniac, as fast as I can. I quilted 12 hours yesterday. Ouch. My fingers are super sore.

Sore and calloused fingers remind me of my mother-in-law. She hand quilted everyone in the family a quilt. Calloused fingers means "love" to me. I sure do miss her.

Anyway, I'll post a picture very soon of the finished quilt as it has to be finished by tonight. Wish me luck.

Wow. After viewing my post, the pictures just don't to it justice. Wait until you see the REAL thing. It's gorgeous. I need to stop making quilts I love, because they are too hard to give away.

Pooh the narcissist cat, approves. He's my biggest fan

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