Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Attempted Murder of a Betta Fish

Allyson brought her Betta fish home to be "fish sat" during Thanksgiving.

At 4:00 AM this morning I heard a horrible, "home shattering" crash. My first thought was someone came to kill us! Eeek! Upon further investigation, I find the Betta and his bowl spilled all over the living room carpet, along with a large bowl filled with acorns (a very large bowl).

I've got wet carpet, fish bowl rocks, acorns every where....where's the fish? I FOUND HIM. He was dying.  I hurried to put him back into some water as fast as I could, carefully studying his color so I could run to Wal Mart and buy another fish just like him .

After mouth to mouth and a few tapping's on his chest, he started swimming again. Thank you Lord. Then I had to clean up all the mess. It was every where.

The violent perpetrator of this crime was non other guessed is....Pooh, the narcissistic hungry, spiteful cat....also known by his alias...Moo Moo or Poopee...which ever one fits the circumstances of the time.

He has been banished to solitary confinement, until the Judge wakes up and sees the wet carpet in our brand new house. I have a feeling the Judge will sentence him to death. I'll have to be the best defense attorney to ever live, and try and save his life. Our plea will be entered as "Not Guilty by reason of Curiosity" and hope curiosity won't kill the cat this time.

The fish has been placed in a witness protection program and is safe from further harm (keeping fingers crossed).
Pooh's mug shot
He's a complete sociopath, totally at peace with the world, as he sleeps with his mouth open here, probably waiting for a bird to fly in. He is an evil kitty today.

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