Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Texas, where even the cows are friendly

I sure do get to missin' Texas a lot. Both my sisters are there along with my little niece and nephew. My brother is there. My mama is there and my sweet mother-in-law is there. Our mothers are getting older and I don't like being away from them. Seems like we don't get home as much as we wanted. 

See, how can you not love a state where even the cows leave a friendly little sign
for all the nice people who drive by?
Is that a piece of litter I see in the right hand corner of the picture?  

This was taken around Tioga, TX a few miles from "home". 
You know who is from Tioga, don't ya? 
Gene Autry, of course.  :)   

I'm excited to hear your thoughts. The comment section is a friendly place. Really.  :)  
OH! And please follow our blog.  We want to grow!  

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