Saturday, August 25, 2007

Read Aloud Tips for Busy Boys

For those of you who are homeschooling a free spirted, auditory learning boy
who can't sit still and loves art...
I highly recommend collecting Dover coloring books
We bought the good, expensive and WONDERFUL Prisma Colored Pencils.  He colors the beautiful illustrations in Dovers coloring books while I read.  Often, I'll have him color something appropriate for the subject matter we are studying. 
This has worked really well for us. 
He's a boy!  While we are reading aloud, I think it helps him to keep his hands busy
 with legos, crayons, cars, etc.  
Our rule is he can play with his things while I read,
but no sound effects.  :) 
I stop and let him narrate what I just read to make sure he is paying attention and he always is. 

He can sit and listen to me read for 6 hours straight (longer if my voice didn’t give out). I'm choosing my battles.  He will love reading again.  We cherish our sweet time on our down sofa with our two cats accompanying us as we read the world's great literature. He's only going to let me read to him for so long, so I'm soaking up all the time he'll give me right now.

The Read Aloud Handbook  is a helpful resource for families who read a loud. 

Does your night stand look like this, stacked high with books?
This photo always makes me laugh at myself.

What's your favorite read aloud book?

Looking forward to hearing from you?
Oh, and please follow our blog.
We want to grow.

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