Saturday, January 12, 2013

Solutions Thrift Store Review, Dade City Florida

I never drive into Dade City, Florida without stopping by Solutions Thrift Store.  I've been shopping here for years and have always found some nice things
It is run by Sunrise of Pasco County ,
a domestic violence and sexual assault help center.  :( 
 Breaks my heart these places are necessary,
but rest assured, when your money is spent here,
it helps fund a much needed organization. 

It seems they have been bone dry lately, which may be a good thing, I don't know.  Maybe it means they are selling everything quickly.  Or maybe it means they are receiving fewer donations. :( Maybe fall and winter is low donation season for them.  Do the snowbirds make big donations in the spring right before they go home?  Which ever, they don't have near the selection they used to have.  HOWEVER, I still find good things and it's always worth a stop and quick dig.  I do think the prices on their glassware/kitchen stuff is high sometimes.  The prices on their books just went up (too high, IMO), but I try to remind myself that these prices are probably fair, given that books are so expensive now, and my cash is going to help someone. 
Does this shirt not rip your heart open?
I wonder if a child made this in therapy through Sunrise, or something. It made me so sad.

The store is always clean, well organized and the people are very sweet and helpful.  Never really ran into anyone rude.  The clothing and shoes are always clean.  I can't remember ever being grossed out here.  LOL 
I usually will spend between $10 to $20 a visit.   I very much appreciate them taking debit cards as I never, ever carry cash any more.  (I should, but I don't).

$20.00!!  How Floridian.  Wish I had a place for it.  It's kinda cool. 

I am in love with these yellow glasses.  Love them.  I've had my eye on them awhile. 
They are $1.00 a piece.  And I don't do yellow. 
Therefore, they have not been purchased by me.  Yet.
So I thought the braided little girl holding a baby was interesting.  It was marked 1971. 
Not my style, but it was sweet.  Liked the white frames.  The small one went home with me.
I had to take a picture of these comfy slippers.  They remind me of my Great Aunt Edith. 
She taught me to stand on my head when I was 3 or 4 years old.  LOL
I'm ashamed to explain this to you, as it would make me sound blasphemous or disrespectful, but my daughter and I have this running Jesus joke (not that Jesus is a joke)....when I find him in a thrift store, I take a picture of Him with my phone and send it to her.  There is a REALLY long story for that.  Later my friends, later.
They always have something on sale. 
Bought it. Own it.  Thrilled.  We love big band here, love records, love Frank......and I don't know why, but pictures of people's just so.....Mad Men retro. 
Not that smoking is cool, it's just cultural history to me.  I can't explain it.  Anyhoo........
Albums are affordable but books went up.  The books are nice though,
not messed up and dirty, so it's worth a peek.
Pretty volunteers who helped me check out.  They were kind and efficient.  :)  Thanks ladies.

The woman on the left was from England. 
She liked my new Tommy Dorsey & Frank Sinatra record. 
She told me when she was young, she would go dancing every Saturday night at a place called Big Ben Club and dance to these tunes. 
She said you had to be 18 to get in and
mentioned times were different then. 

I smiled and agreed. 

Be Kind.
Be a blessing to others.


Honorable, Noble and Gentlemanly Pooh says it's wicked to make a lady or a child cry. 



UniqueNique said...

Thank you - always good to know about those that help others

Michelle from Aisle 3 said...

I want to go!

Astrid said...

Thanks for sharing this gem of a thrift! My husband's family has a place in Oldsmar, Florida and we spend our summers there so I'm always looking for interesting thrift stores and flea markets to hit up! Would love to hear of any others you would recommend...

Thia said...

This post gave me a smile.

Revi said...

Those yellow glasses are Franciscan, and would be a great purchase to resell on etsy!

Revi said...



AllyJo said...

well, maybe I'll go get them. they are a bright, pretty yellow. I'm sure someone would love them. :)

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