Thursday, September 19, 2013

Throw Back Thursday 1971 "Mean Girl"

I'm the oldest sister and you know, we like to pick on the little ones and make them cry. 
I loved making my little brother cry.
I still do. *wink* waaaaaa....ya big baby. Take that, ya little punk.

I steal the coloring book cause you broke my arm by pushing me off the piano bench. Honestly he is my "Irish twin" and has been my best friend for 43 years. I would probably, literally die without my brother. He is a genius. I adore his brilliant mind, his humor and his passion for life. I love laughing with him. We can read each other's mind and bust out laughing.

Such an incredibly beautiful human being and BRIGHT light in my world.

Love you brother!  I'm sorry I took the coloring book and made you cry.  xoxo

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