Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Mothering With Warmth

Pa sat close to the stove holding Carrie on his knee.  He had taken off her shoes to make sure that her feet were not frozen and he held her wrapped in a shawl.  The shawl shivered with Carrie's shivering. 
"I can't get warm, Pa," she said. 
Put up 6 quarts of vegetable soup today.
"You girls are chilled through.  I'll have you a hot drink in a minute," said Ma, hurrying into the kitchen. 
She brought them each a steaming cup of ginger tea. 
Homemade, from scratch Hershey's hot cocoa with extra marshmallows.
"My, that smells good!" said Mary and Grace leaned on Laura's knee looking longingly at the cup till Laura gave her a sip and Pa said, "I don't know why there's not enough of that to go around."
Borscht season. 
"Maybe there is," said Ma, going into the kitchen again.

It was so wonderful to be there, safe at home, sheltered from the winds and the cold.  Laura thought that this must be a little bit like Heaven, where the weary are at rest.  She could  not imagine that Heaven was better than being where she was, slowly growing warm and comfortable, sipping the hot, sweet ginger tea, seeing Ma and Grace and Pa and Carrie, and Mary all enjoying their own cups of it and hearing the storm that could not touch them here. 

Be kind to strangers of course, because they could be angels,
but be kind to your family first. 
Nourish them with food, blankets and love.
(and hugs and kisses and hot tea and good conversation and...)

Be blessed and be a Blessing.

Stay Warm Pretty Peoples!!!

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My grandkitty ZuZu says, "Nana, come back to bed.  I need a human to cuddle."
~ The End ~


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Staying warm under quilts is the best thing on a cold day! I love Laura Ingles Wilder books! Hugs, Linda

Nancy said...

Thanks for the flashback. I would get 2-3 books from her set every Christmas and I couldn't wait to read them! They were so good. I'll have to reread them again, it's been so long. Looks like everyone is really enjoying their winter "nap." :)

AllyJo said...

Laura stays on the bed side table and is frequently picked up. I'll read a chapter or 2 when I need to check out and leave the drama of planet earth or modern times. I would love to find some vintage hardback copies of her books.

Thia said...

I need to get a new LHOP set. Mine, from girlhood, is falling apart. I can't even give them to my oldest to read b/c there would be pages everywhere. I'm keeping them though...find something crafty to do with them. I've read them so many times, can't count, stars in the sky.
I have fond memories of my great grandmother's borscht. Unfortunately, the recipe went to the grave with her. Also, I doubt anyone in this house would eat it, but me. :(

TexWisGirl said...

love that kitten. stay warm and safe, all of you. :)

AllyJo said...

Thia, I find copies of Little house at thrift stores all the time. I have gone through several sets myself. I will keep my eyes open for you. I will also post my borscht recipe for you. :)

Thia said...

I'm sure that copies are plenty at thrift stores. In fact, I know that the local Sal. Army has a huge book section. I really need to make a trip there for a few different reasons, books included. The weather is just so brutal right now. We've had 18-20 inches of snow this week as well as temps not getting out of the single digits.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Ah, one of my favorites of course! :)

Jann Olson said...

So sweet! I thought that story was familiar. Nothing like a good read while snuggled up in a warm quilt. Speaking of quilt, I love the one boychild is under. Great colors! What a wonderful mother you are. Even the kitty likes to snuggle. Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup.

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