Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Landscape Gallery Wall and a New Addition

“Creativity takes courage. ” 
~ Henri Matisse ~
I've been rearranging my "Landscape Gallery" lately
I love my landscapes. 
3 are vintage prints.
2 were bought in antique stores (I'm too cheap to buy them there, usually).
A few were inherited.  
The black and white charcoal I drew in college 
My sister-in-law did the wonderful cow skull in blue pastel. 
The rest are thrift store oil painting finds.
I buy what speaks to me, or if it's cheap enough. :)

I'm more of a flower person so my landscape collection surprises me.
And now I love it more than anything and I'm always on the hunt.
And for the record, my living room is not purple. 
It's a rich denim almost navy blue (or maybe Texas Ranger blue??).
(I'll miss you Napoli.  Good luck in Boston)
I'm a terrible photo editor.  Sorry for the funny color. 
And now, for my latest edition...  You'll never guess how much I paid for her... 
.50  cents!!!!!! 
First of all, she's gorgeous. 
I LOVE her pink blossoms. 
I LOVE the lush frame. 
So, so pretty. 
Second, she's a perfect rectangle.  I had a "rectangle" shaped hole in my gallery which needed filling.  She fits into our landscape grouping wonderfully. 
Everyone is thrilled to have her as part of our family now. 
Thank you for visting and following me at Sweet Woodruffs. 
Many Blessings and Much Kindness to you...
Sharing with:
ZuZu my daughter's cat, loves viewing art too,
but she prefers paintings of birds.
~ The End ~


Astrid said...

Beautiful gallery wall! I too am a collector of art especially when I can snag it for a great price. Your newest painting is gorgeous! Lucky find and for only 50 cents!

Sindy said...

This is beautiful! The wall color sets off the gallery of paintings in such a striking and original way--well done!!
Sindy :)

Sindy said...

This is beautiful! The wall color is so striking and unusual--it sets off the gallery of paintings perfectly--well done!!
Sindy :)

Lesa said...

I'm a new follower, just found you through Free Pretty Things, and I've already saved several quotes, photos and ideas to my "forever" file. Can't wait to read more posts (I've gone back several pages already.) Love your gallery wall. I have one too, but mine is about vintage fashion. It's the largest wall in our bath and totally girly. Well, in this house of Husband and Son, I had to run amok somewhere!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Love your gallery wall. I have a few paintings from my Grandmother that I need to display and this is an inspiration. Love Love Love your newest painting. Anything with pink makes me very happy!
hugs, Linda

Lesa said...

I'm here again! I think you'd enjoy a google images search for terrarium violets. I saw some wonderful modern displays using big glass covered jars. Ok, maybe I must get some jars too. Thanks for stopping by!

Marium said...

I love how you did your gallery wall! It looks so striking against the blue. I have collected a lot of art and plates for a gallery wall, but I'm having such a hard time figuring out placement. Yours looks so professional.

vignette design said...

Oh, I love a gallery wall, especially if it features landscapes! I'm a collector of landscapes too! ~Delores

AllyJo said...

Marium, actually it was a little difficult and I'm always tweeking it. I finally laid them all out on the floor and arranged them that way. Now I just add to it, instead of taking it all down. The floor trick was a good place to start.

Sarah Jane said...

I love the last picture of your daughter's cat!

LV said...

Thanks for sharing your lovely art work..I love oil paintings and have several a dear friend did for me.

Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

Your gallery of landscape portraits is stunning! In a mostly white blog world this is a refreshing change of pace. :)

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