Monday, November 26, 2012

Key Tag Vintage Ornaments

I saw this idea over at French Country Cottage a few weeks ago. 
I had the supplies to make my own, so I put some together for my booth and for gifts. 
You don't really need a tutorial, as it's super easy and self explanatory so I'll just give you tips. 
I bought a box of vintage red ornaments for .88 cents at a thrift store and the key tags were maybe a box of 50 for $7.00 (I don't remember). 
You'll need tiny little stamp letters, ink and key tags. 
You'll need to stick to 3 to 5 letter words.  More than 5 letters became a little crowded. 
I was stumped a few times with my words.  I stuck with Christmasy and Fruits of the Spirit kind of words, but you could do personal names, or words that mean something to you and your faith and family. 
Practice spelling and stamping on paper first.  You don't want to waste your key tags with mistakes. 
I think they are a little expensive to throw away. 
I think any stamp would look cute on the key tag if your children can't work the tiny little font stamps. 
Do your own thing.  Hope this inspires you. 
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SixBalloons said...

Nice tutorial, I like how the different fonts give it a bit of visual interest!

Pam Rios said...

what a cute simple idea! I might find time to do it, we shall see! :)

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