Saturday, November 24, 2012

Decorated Antique Booth for Christmas

Exhausted and Blessed. 
I have to keep this short as I can hardly keep my eyes open, but wanted to show friends and my MOM........Hi Mama!!!..........what I've been doing night and day, for 2 weeks. 
I have been in a big hurry to get the booth up and running as 40,000 people come to the tiny town of Dade City, Florida for Christmas celebrations and festivities. 
My booth is in a Hole in the Wall location called Annetta's Attic.  If you blink, you'll miss it.  She also owns Annetta's Antiques down on the corner as well, but my stuff is up in the attic.   And my booth is a literal "hole in the wall" old closet.  Perfect for me. 
Not too big.  Not too small.  Just right.   
OK, I'm sorry but every time I turn down the hall to my little booth, I start humming "Hotel California" with my own lyrics. 
On a dark cluttered hallway, need wind in my hair
Warm smell of moth balls, rising up through the air.... (lame)
Ok, this is what the very busy, cluttered, full of "Junque" hallway looks like.  That stuff is not mine
My stuff is in the closet 
I'm second left after the Pepsi machine.  Got it? 
Here are before and after shots.  Whoopideee Dooo!!!
Pshawwyeeaaa!!!  Coming together. 
Yikes!  Empty wall space!  Must. Put. Something. There. 
Got a lot to do, but it's coming together and behaving nicely for me. 
No fights with Junque so far. 

I have a big Pyrex collection and my friends freaked out when they saw I was starting to break it up and get rid of it.  I had to take it out of the booth and let them have first dibs. 
It kills me to sell my aqua and pink pyrex but my son's teeth and college education are more important, right?  RIGHT???? 

I stinkin' LOVE this little aqua tree.  I put a million dollars on it, so maybe it won't sell. 
hahaha  Naaaa...I put a fair price. *sniff*  Hope no one else likes it. 

And this is what it finally looked like when I left it today.  I'm a perfectionist and it upsets me to post pictures with an imperfect, so much left unfinished, booth space.......but alas, I'm 44 now and I'm getting closer to the age of not carrying so much about what people think.....  So here ya go. 

Now if people would just come in and buy!!!!!  The economy is bad.  I know.  :(  But, but, but......I just GOTTA succeed.  If I fail, my husband will make me stop pickin' and shopping.......and that would be very bad.....for me. 
And for him. 
(((((GROUP HUGS))))))
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Pooh Diddly ate too much giblet gravy. 
He asked for a tummy rub.  Mommy can never tell da Pooh Diddly no...... 
awwww....  much better. 
 ~ The End ~


Allison said...

oh, oh! is that a Stawberry Shortcake lunchbox on the top shelf? Did I see a vintage indent Christmas Ornament on the tree? And all those lovely looking coffee cups! {sigh} I wish I could come shop your little booth, you have so much great stuff in there :) I hope you sell well!

AllyJo said...

Yep. You see correctly. I must be out of my mind to sell my favorite things, but there comes a time when we need to move on...... with a joyful heart, no matter how hard. Boo hoo.

Pam Rios said...

oh wow, I see what you've been up to! busy girl!

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