Monday, November 5, 2012

A Tutorial from my Dog to yours.....

Lee Lee the Cow Dog is my guest poster today. 


She wants to share with other canine readers how she gets 

Pooh the Narcissistic Cat to play with her. 

(Caution:  If you don't own a pair of safety goggles, it might be safest to try this in your back yard, as you will have plenty of room to run.......or run away......if necessary). 

1:  Circle Cat.  While circling, give Cat stink eye.  HOWEVER, make sure growl is non threatening. 

2:  Bark obnoxiously.  Don't. Stop. Barking.  Go round and round and round.  Keep Barking.   

3:  Hop, jump and skip.  Show Cat how much fun it is to play. 

4:  Keep expectations low.  That way you won't be disappointed when you are inevitably spurned or swatted. 

5:  If swatted, cry loudly.  Mommy will feel sorry for you and naughty cat will be scolded.  (Yes!!!  I win!!!) 

6:  If cat starts acting like a Killer Rabbit....RUN AWAY!  RUN AWAY! 
Hope you find this tutorial helpful.  Ruff!  Ruff! 

Languidly, Pooh sighs, "Whaaaatever." 

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EG CameraGirl said...

Thanks for making me smile!

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