Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wordless Wednesday (whatever)


In a "I Hate Planet Earth" mood right now.  My kids thought it would be cool to grow up and leave me, thereby ruining Halloween forever.  Wow.  Holidays are lame during this "transition" phase of my life.  In 10 months, we will be complete "empty nesters".  I just want my kids back.  Alas.....change is never easy.  Hoping next year I'll have my spooky groove back and pouting for lost babies will be over.  ***Little jerks***

*Happy Halloween*.  I'm going to bed early to cuddle with Kindle and Poe.  And yummy blankets.  Yep!  A perfect Halloween for a ditched 44 year old mother. 


Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Love the spooktacular headstones.

This 44 yr old mom has adopted a few sweethearts on our street and waiting for grandkids in a few years. :)

sew sweet vintage said...

Hi Allyjo,
just about to go to bed! My nest went empty last year and then I turned 50! UUUGGGHHH! Still got everything ready for Halloween this year. Had my daughter's kitty, but not my daughter. Her boyfriend is allergic:( Had trick-or-treaters but house was quite.Got used to all my daughter's friends hanging here and on Halloweens they'd all be costumed! Different, but still fun! Love your photography. I'll be stopping back to check it out again tomorrow. Nite! And thanks for your blog visits!

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