Monday, October 22, 2012

New Hampshire twilight

A wet autumn in New Hampshire didn't keep us from our twilight hike.  Embraced by the gloam, nothing was going to take this "feel the joy and live in the moment" experience from me.  I had mud to my knees, but I was determined to rejoice in the majesty and breathe deeply the New England fresh air.  The beauty of the misty woods in October erased any regrets of NOT wearing boots for our walk.  Later, this evening became known as the legendary "Swamp Stomp".  
Perfectly peaceful and pleasant memories were made with my sweet friends. 
I miss New Hampshire. 
I love this picture. As a Floridian who no longer owns a fireplace,
the wood burning smoke smelled deliciously good to me. 
This photo makes me want to whisper. 
I don't know why.  LOL 

The soft October rains
Had left some scarlet stains
Of color on the landscape's neutral ground;
Those fine ephemeral things,
The winged motes of sound,
That sing the "Harvest Home"
Of ripe Autumn in the gloam
Of the deep and bosky woods, in the field and by the river,
Sang that day their best endeavor...
Be blessed and be a blessing
I hurt his feelings.  Pooh couldn't face me.  But he didn't have the courage to leave. 


Mary Howell Cromer said...

Very beautiful sun rays and autumn scenes. Love the cat and on my phone message, it says to have a blessing of a day;')~

Anonymous said...

I love you for posting such a beautiful reminder of our amazing trip!! Actually, I love you all the time... :)

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