Monday, October 15, 2012

The Year of Family Weddings

My sweet mother-in-law had 4 granddaughters and 7 grandsons. 

This year, 3 of the girls were married.   1 became engaged. 

(Actually all 3 were married within 6 weeks of each other, but the last reception wasn’t until last weekend.  I’ll let you figure that one out). 

My daughter and her husband, Allyson and William.  I love the way he looks at her. 
I’ve been a little busy.
  • And stressed (but happy stress)
  • And  joyful.
  • And exhausted (but happy exhaustion). 
  • And proud.
  • And so in love with all the wonderful young men who are in our family now!!!
  • And relieved… now that the last wedding reception is over. 

I don’t want this to become a wedding blog, but I thought I would share wedding photos and
hard learned wedding lessons.

Lesson 1:  Keep your expectations of people resonable.  I hate to say "low" but you almost have to do this.  Most people will not offer help.  Traditionally bridesmaids do a lot of the work.  Don't assume they "know" this, and don't be angry if they can't.  Groomsmen will probably not offer help at all (or show up on time).  Try not to be angry or disappointed.  

People have lives and are very busy in general.  Most people have no idea the time and work a DIY wedding takes, so it doesn't occur to them to offer assistance.  Make sure you aren't over committed with 101 Pinterest projects.  Let it go.  All it does is create disappointment and frustration with people you expected to "be there" for you.  

Yes, our lives revolve around the wedding for a year, 24/7....but theirs does not.  If you ask for help and the person says no, graciously accept their answer and don't hold a grudge.  (You love these people, right??)  Treat the people who DO help very well and be grateful.  Are your expectations too high? Are you being a martyr?  Be honest with yourself with what you can commit....if you are in a situation where you will have little help, then maybe you need to rethink some things. 

I’ll start with some family snap shots of the
“Post Rehearsal; Can’t Set Up and Decorate Until After 9:00 PM When the First Group Finishes Their Hoedown”

The bride and her friend Brianne.  They have been friends since the age of 3 and were at college together.  Allyson has a lap top with her, finishing the music late at night. 


This is Maid of Honor Josie, Bridesmaid Netta and Bride Brother Jonah.  We're unpacking all the dishes and washing them before setting the tables.  Oy vey!  We had enough settings for about 125. 


Father of the Bride and grandma finishing up the wedding programs.  We had way too many last minute projects.  It was a joy and a blessing to share this time & work with family.  

The wedding favors were homemade Plant City, FL Strawberry Jam.  They needed the final touch of vintage lace.  My mom, my great aunt, the grooms mother and a friend got busy and had them complete in no time.  The people in the back ground work at Lone Oak Ranch Retreat Center, Gainesville TX where the wedding was held.  They stayed up late with us, God love 'em.

This is "Super Bridesmaid" painting the "Run Through" for the get away at the end.  I told her to wing it.  She "wings" beautifully.  Everyone needs a Brianne in their life.  She came through for us every time we asked something of her. 

My sweet, sneaky son sneaking candy from the candy bar.  My cousin set it all up. 

Thank you Tracy. 


Almost done.  Full of vintage candies. 

Be blessed and be a Blessing. 

Galatians 6:2 "Share each other's burdens, and in this way obey the law of Christ".

 Poo says, "Im so glad the wedding is over.  Now Mom can sew what she wants to sew again, which means I get more blankets to rub my furr all over."
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