Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Link Lovelies

Alicia Paulson's Felted Ornaments are sweet and irresistable.  It's been awhile (decades?) since I've made a felted ornament.  No time like the present, to start a new project.  I've been following her for years and love every single thing she does.

Culinary Concoctions by Peabody  I saw this recipe as a sign.  (Not that I need a "sign" to make a cake).  My husband's mother is a "Foster" and my husband had a wonderfully loyal Springer Spaniel named Mr. Peabody for 16 years..........therefore, this Banana Foster's Crumb Cake recipe found over at "Concoctions by Peabody" begs to be cooked.......and eaten.....eaten quickly before it must be shared with many peoples.  YES!  It's a sign. 

U Create has 30 Fabulous Scrap Tutorials.  If you don't know about U Create or haven't subscribed there yet, do it today.  So many sweet, fun, lovely things.  Something for everyone really.  It's one of my favorites.  Can't wait to dig into my scraps and make things for Christmas! 

Jackie Clark's Sweater Jacket :  About Jackie's sweater jacket below (I love her patterns BTW), when I saw that jacket pattern on her site, all I kept saying to myself was that line from Waynes World, "She will be mine.  Oh yes, she will be mine."  I can't wait to get this pattern and make this.  It's soooooo ME. 


Better Homes and Garden Fall Basket   Just thought this was really pretty and not too difficult.  We've all got baskets.  Stack them up with greenery, etc.  The directions are on the BHG site. 

Be blessed and Be a blessing
I asked Pooh to change the litter box.  He impudently replied it was the dogs turn. 

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Lisa Sall - Sall's Country Life said...

Hi AllyJo! Saw your new face on my follower board and had to come pay you a visit! What a great time I had here, love all of those links - the crumb cake is calling me!! Your sweet Pooh has a great sense of humor. Sorry your down with a bad back, but what fun to be able to work on projects! I can't imagine doing the stitching on a cathedral window quilt, it baffles me just looking at it! AND OMG! Those pictures of New Hampshire were breath-taking! What a lengthy comment huh? I just enjoyed every post!! Thanks for the visit, I will return again.

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