Friday, January 17, 2014

Toronto Maple Leafs ~ Modern Quilt

I've been sewing like a maniac all week.  

I've been crazy about this Modern Maple Leaf Throw Quilt designed by 

It's one of the many merry patchwork quilt projects found in

I can't wait to make this again in Fall colors, or reds.  
Wouldn't it be pretty in Redworks?  
 I had an idea to make it in Blues for Toronto Maple Leaf fans.  
I kept it scrappy, as I'm on a strict stash busting diet 
(which is just about the saddest thing EVER!!!). 
I'm only using what I have on hand.  
Once I get down to my fabric goal weight, I'm going to BINGE.  :)  
*Nom! Nom! Nom!*

I enjoyed working with this Sapphire blue tremendously, 
but I only had so much of it.  
I had to be a big girl, think outside the box, bite the bullet 
and go with other blues as well.  
It turned out nice I think.  I wasn't sure, but in the end, I was happy.
Super scrappy, which is my favorite, as always.  

I can't wait to make it again.  
It was easy, simple sewing too.  Not difficult for beginners.  
Give it a try!

I'm not sharing the completed project yet, 
because I haven't decided what to with it.  I might give it to a friend 
or we might sell it for my son's education.  
We will be in talks with Sallie Mae soon, and the less we owe her, 
the happier our bank account stays.  

Pooh says Hey.  He says, "Take off, Hoser."

Be blessed and be a Blessing! 

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What colors would YOU like to use in a Modern Maple Leaf?

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