Thursday, January 23, 2014

Been Thrifting Lately?

I Brake for Yard Sales: and Flea Markets, Thrift Shops, Auctions, and the Occasional Dumpster, love this fun book, and YES I do brake hard and make illegal U-turns!!  Do you?  Thrifter's always have excellent brakes.  :)  We did my daughter's entire wedding with thrift store finds and most of our home is thrifted.

I love the challenge of decorating with thrift scores.  You have to be patient and diligent, while thinking outside the box.  You have to work with what you have.

Here are a few recently acquired pieces of vintage fun.  90% of the fun is in the seeking and finding.  Now that I own these things, I don't know what to do with some of them.  I have favorite thrift stores I always hit when in north Texas.  This is a little of what I came home with last month.  

This is Olivia's favorite piece.  She wanted to model it, so I said, "Jump in the photo girl!!!"  I love Thermoses. 
They have such great vintage patterns on them.

Oh I love this!!  Just the piece I have been looking for.  

This McDonald's Batman Mug usually isn't the type of thing I enjoy, but my kids are DC lovers. 
Of course I have to pick up the Batman Mug. 

I was excited to find this child's sewing machine.  It's very dirty and I don't know if it works. 
I thought I would clean it up and play with it a bit.  I doubt it works.  
I mostly got it for display in the studio. 

I can never pass up pansies.  I'm liking crewel pieces more and more.  

I love all my vintage Japanese coffee mugs, but I hardly ever find a set of them, 
especially a set this cute.  I usually just find a piece here and there

Love this Hexagon plate and also found a nice unmade Jiffy Stitchery embroidery. 

4 Strawberry Shortcake juice glasses.  Sweet as can be and look brand new.

A strawberry shortcake mug. 
Tea, Coffee, or Hot Chocolate?  

I loved this silly vintage tumbler.  What am I going to do with ONE? 
I will put flowers in it, maybe.  It was just too pretty to leave.  
I love the colors, the lines and the design. An inspiring little glass. 

Vintage tumblers and swanky swigs.  

Whenever I go to Texas, I find these all the time.  I LOVE the fabrics in these vintage wool skirts.  
I can never pass them up.  I think I'll take them home to upcycle for projects, 
but then I can never bring myself to cut into them.  

Some Desert Rose.  My friend didn't want them. The bowls aren't so pretty, but the plates are good.  One plate broke, but I can't throw it away.  
Even a broken piece of Desert Rose can be used, right? In a mosaic?  
I hate to hoard, but I have enough artsy friends to hang on to it for a few weeks 

I also found this vintage fabric if anyone wants it.  :)  

So which is your favorite?
Have you been thrifting lately?  
What have you found?

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