Saturday, January 4, 2014

Bedroom Garage Sale ~ Vintage "Made In Japan" Lamp

I confessed in my last post here, my mother is moving in with us in 2 months.  We are going room to room, painting baseboards, cleaning carpets and getting rid of ANY and EVERY thing we cannot live without.  

We've lived here almost 4 years and have never done anything nice with our bedroom.  We were stuck in that "all the money goes to the kids for braces and college" rut.  We're down one kid now, so we are trying to fix up our bedroom.  We want it to look as if 2 married adults live in it.  What a concept!
I have a bajillion things to sell.  I prefer to list on Etsy, as I can earn feedback, and you have that safety net, but I don't have the time to SEO it perfectly, yada yada.  I will try to sell some of my stuff here first.  My friends can have first dibs.  :)  

Make an OFFER!!  Boom!  It's yours. 

This little lamp has been used on my dresser forever.  I love these sweet Made In Japan, porcelain/china/ceramic figurine lamps.  I've had a large collection of them in the past.  This one needs to be rewired and I've held on to it for so long, waiting for the time.  I can't do that any more.  It needs to bless someone else.  You can acquire a rewiring kit at Loews or something.  It's real easy.

The figurine part itself, is about 7 1/2" tall.  
With the lamp part and light bulb added, 
it would probably reach around 12" tall.  

What?  Louis XVI pierced his ear.  It's not damage, 
it was probably a ceramic bubble which burst during firing.  :)  

It has a hair line, but it's so thin, it doesn't go all the way through or around and you can't feel it.  
It's almost like crazing.  I don't think it affects the structure at all and the lamp will be strong for a long time to come.  These lines are almost normal in something this old. There are NO chips at all.  

If you look these up on Etsy or Ebay, they run between $20 and $40 a piece.  If you have a set, they go for around $80+.  I just have this single piece. 

I'm asking $16.00 and I will ship for FREE - DOMESTIC standard SHIPPING.  
If you want priority mail, I would ask you to help pay)  
I'm happy to ship it overseas too, but I would have to charge you shipping. 

If you want more photos, let me know.
The other Made in Japan item I've had on my dresser for years is this guy:  
He's like a Wolfgang Willie Nelson
(probably just something I picked up junkin' one day)

He is 8" tall.  I've collected these for a long time.  They look nice on a book shelf. 
He is perfectly healthy.  Never had small pox or broke any bones.

I'm asking $8.00 for him and I will cover standard domestic shipping.  
If you want priority, I would ask you to split the cost with me. 
(I can sell to you overseas, but you would have to cover ALL shipping)

It says Handpainted in Japan

If you want both, I can tweak the price and adjust for shipping both items together.  

Let me know if you have any questions or want extra photos.  

Our PayPal address is

Charlie is supervising.  

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