Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Quilters Ultimate Visual Guide from A to Z ~ FOR SALE

This paper back quilt book ~ The Quilters Ultimate Visual Guide, from A to Z - Hundreds of Tips and Techniques for Successful Quiltmaking ~  is out of print I believe and very collectible.  A quick Amazon and Google search revealed it to be an expensive book.

*SOLD* Thanks for visiting.  :)  
It means a lot.  
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It's an excellent, comprehensive guide for quilters and you can read the Amazon feedback about it here. You can own it on Kindle, but I think you will have a hard time reading the charts and diagrams.  Plus, this book is very pretty, colorful, and illustrated with hand pencil drawings (no photographs).

 This would be a PERFECT "tour guide" for beginners who want to teach themselves how to quilt.  We've all pretty much taught ourselves, I think.  Quilting is easier than garment construction so if you want to get started teaching yourself to quilt, this book would be a good resource on your shelf.

Mine has never been opened or used.  It's brand new basically, except something squished it at the top and made a small dent in it.  It's still shiny and the binding is tight.  The pages are perfectly clean.  No writing.

I'm asking $16.00 and i will ship for FREE - DOMESTIC SHIPPING at media mail prices (which would probably be $2.00, give or take a few cents).  I'm happy to ship it overseas too, but I would have to charge you shipping.

I'm happy to take more photos for you, but you could also Google it.  :)

I don't have time right now to list on Etsy, but I have 64 positive reviews in my store.
I'm safe.  I'm nice.  I'm trustworthy.

Our paypal account is  Whoever pays me first gets the book.  Maybe I'll stick something else in your package too.  Hmmmmm.......what could I share?

(Yea....and the "not have any time right now" just might have something to do with my Mother is moving in with us...more about that later.  Pray for my mother and us too).  

PS:  ANY MONEY that ends up in our PayPal account because of something I have sold online, goes STRAIGHT TO MY SON and his college education.  So when or if you ever buy anything from me, know that is goes to a good cause.  :)  A sweet, handsome, genius.....who loves his mama.  xoxox

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