Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Texas flavored Disappearing Nine Patch Quilt

I childhood best friend has been promised a quilt for a very long time.  Her husband was diagnosed with cancer last year, so I thought I better hurry.  6 months later, after hurrying, *cough*, it was completed today.  And I found out today, he is cancer free right now....when he shouldn't be.  Thank you God.  So instead of this being a comforting quilt for Jack and Lisa, it's a celebration quilt. 
Some of the blocks.  I LOVE shirtings.  
She requested something mostly blue, looking a little Americana/Patriotic maybe, but NOT "heavy on the 4th of July". This is a quilt they want to use all year.  I went with mostly blues, Navy, Sapphire, Royals and some light blues.  The second color was brown and creams, and the third are my pops of Red.  

Piecing the rows.  At this point, I'm really hating it and asking, "What have I done???"
With the added browns, it turned out looking a lot like a Texas type of quilt, which is exactly perfect.  I couldn't have planned it better, being as we're all from Kerrville, Texas in the Hill Country.  One of the prettiest places on earth. :) 

Yep.  Guess what's in those vintage suitcases?  UFO's. *facepalm*
I heard the Disappearing 9 Patch was quick, easy and fun.  I went with it and enjoyed making this pattern.  Instead of cutting into fabric, I decided to use up what I had on hand.  I have a kagillion Nickle Squares from 10 years of swapping.  I made large 9 patches with my 5 inch squares.  It worked out very scrappy.  

One thing annoying me was the pop of golden/yellow/brown.  But if I took them out, the quilt was reading "red, white and blue".  It was mostly a blue and white quilt without the brown.  I needed it to be a bit more earthy and rustic.  I decided to stick it out with the browns and it worked well in the end.  I'm glad I gave my eyes and mind time to adjust.  I observed it different times of day, in different light and it started to feel "Texan" to me...perfect for Jack.    

And of course, after I was completely done last night, I thought it was one row short of a perfect King size.  It looked awkward.  No perfectionist worth her weight in salt could tolerate that.  I went ahead and quickly made 7 more blocks to finish it off.  PERFECT.  

I hoard my Texas fabric and put a tiny piece of it in EVERY quilt I make.
It's like my signature or my trademark. :)
I haven't really "loved" this quilt so much and thought it was ugly 24 hours ago.  Now that the top is complete, I think I like it.  It will probably be beautiful when it's quilted and bound. 

I think I could "love" this pattern, if I wasn't in a hurry to complete something.  I can see this pattern being a lot of fun if you take the time to play with it.  I'll have to try it again using different placements and fabrics.

Dear Watson thoughtfully stayed up with me, while I made 7 more patches.  
He likes to make sure the dogs don't touch my stuff.

I'll show you what it looks like on a bed tomorrow.  Stay tuned.
  • So have you made a Disappearing Nine Patch before?  What do you like about it?
  • Also, do you have a signature or trademark piece of "YOU", that you put in every quilt, like I do my little pieces of Texas?  If you don't yet, what you would put?  
  • What symbol represents you? A butterfly?  A sock monkey?  A piece of Holly? 
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