Saturday, January 25, 2014

Pastel "Leaders and Enders" Mini Sawtooth Scrap Quilt

About 8 years ago, I made a pastel snowball quilt for a friend.  Of course, I saved all the extra triangles I snipped off.  It upsets me to see beautiful fabric in the trash.  I pulled these tiny pieces out for my current Leaders & Enders project.  I kept it an easy sawtooth, which I LOVE.  It will be a doll blanket or a wall hanging.

The seams sure are bulky in the back.  I was playing around with them, trying to make them thinner and not so thick.  Oy vey.  At least it's pretty on the front.  Oh yea, and ignore the ugly black thread. Mistake.  But I've been sewing so much, I've run out of all my thread and I'm down to the last of it, which is black.  LOL  Just ordered some more Friday. I'm impatient for my Aurifil.

I thought I was done, but then found more triangles that went with this. 
It won't get too much bigger, but I'm going to keep this batch of triangles all together. 

Do you have a preference?  Do you like your sawteeth pointing 
North West, or South East. 
For some reason, my brain thinks if the triangles are pointing NW, I think birds or geese.  
If I want it to be "Sawtooth" the triangles have to point SE.  
In the end, does it even matter?  It's funny how our brains play tricks on us.  
Who cares???

Just love it so much.  It will hang on a wall or grace a table 
until I have a grand daughter with a cold American Girl doll who needs covering


I also played around with my new 15 minutes of Play - book, using my Mother-In-Law's vintage scraps.  Delicious colors.  I am still trying to to decide what to do with these 3 inch squares.  I thought maybe playing would encourage a decision.  

A decision was made.  I liked playing too much to make a decision just yet. 

I really enjoyed these block from Gwen Marston's, Liberated Quiltmaking II.  There is something so in-your-face and rebellious about making liberatred blocks.  Purposefully not trying to match corners and seams makes me squirm. A lot. You have to force yourself to let it be. Walk away. Smile. Admire the color and fabrics and how they play. Don't sweat the tacky corners.  

One of my favorite things to do is placing vintage and current fabrics together.  
It keeps it interesting I think.  

Which makes me think there is a valuable life lesson in there some where.  
Smile.  See what's pretty! Don't sweat the imperfect corners. :)  It's like tripping, playing it cool and telling everyone, "I meant to do that."  LOL

I have more scrappy inspiration here if you want to look at some other quilts I've shared.

Be blessed and Be a Blessing.

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