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Christmas Ornament Storage

When you love vintage Christmas, you tend to collect a lot of single pieces, trinkets and baubles here and there while junking. Few of my Christmas ornaments were actually found in their original "ornament box".  What about our heirloom pieces that have been in the family for decades?  They need a safe place to live too.

These ideas seem so clever.  I have to do this.  Too many of my precious pieces are breaking each year.  They are not easily or inexpensively replaced either.  I hope this is helpful. 

Image from Martha Stewart
Laura, at Come Together Kids took this Martha Stewart idea, and made one herself.  (Come Together Kids is a nice blog for parents with young children. Go visit her and say hello)  

Photo credit belongs to
Photo credit belongs to
Photo Credit belongs to Vintage Modern Wife
Emily, at Merry Pad, deconstructed a box and made a container with individual slots for each special ornament in her collection.  This is a smart way to utilize cardboard, which otherwise would end up in the trash. (Merry Pad is a clever, inspiring blog, helping one to embrace a DIY lifestyle. Go say hi).

Photo credit belongs to Merry Pad
Now this idea of an empty oatmeal storage container, from Saxon (is that not the coolest name, ever!) is a very good idea.  We go through a lot of oatmeal and these boxes are round and sturdy enough.  Her blog, Let's Drink Coffee Darling looks like it could be a newer blog, so go say hello to her and show her some love and support. 

Photo credit belongs to Let's Drink Coffee Darling
I seriously think Becky's idea is a favorite, found at Organizing Made Fun, but I don't shop at Costco.  I wonder how I could find fruit containers like this.  I will have to keep my eyes and ideas open. 

Photo credit belongs to Organizing Made Fun
This is also a favorite idea, which I actually use, however, it's best for smaller ornaments.  Your larger baubles won't fit in an egg carton.  
The original source for this photo I believe, belongs to Better Homes and Gardens, but I couldn't locate the link.
I did find the photo on Pinterest though. 

You can just go buy one (or two or three)

Personally, I love shopping through Amazon. We're Prime, so I don't have to pay shipping, most of the time, and I don't have to leave the house to go shopping.  Which leaves more time for sewing. LOL

What do you think?  How do you store your ornaments?  I'm open to more good ideas, which I hope you'll share in the comments section below.

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Humans are crazy". 

Be blessed and Be a Blessing

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Few of my Christmas ornaments were actually found in their original "ornament box". What about our heirloom pieces that have been in the ...

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