Sunday, December 15, 2013

Favorite Dolls from the 70's

It's Christmas time. Do you remember getting any of these as Christmas gifts when you were a kid?
These were some of my favorite dolls growing up in the 70's.

What were yours?  

I loved my Baby Chrissy.  You could pull her red ponytail out and make her hair long, 
or pull it back in and give her short hair.  She was life size, or rather toddler sized.   I had a baby sister born in 1973, so having a real life baby and a Baby Chrissy was like having 2 dolls.  
I always had both of them in my wagon. :)
Photo curtesy of Fran's House of Dolls
I loved my Mrs. Beasley.  
I remember watching this show too.  Barely. 

I had a brown haired Bradley Doll with a pink dress.  I remember finding it in the attic and was so excited to be getting one.  Then on Christmas Eve, I had to fake being happy over all my gifts and was worried I wasn't putting on a good enough show.  I thought I would get in a lot of trouble for snooping for my gifts.  AND, it really wasn't any fun to open gifts you already knew about, so I never snooped again. Ever. To this day.

I HAD to have a Baby That Away.  I won a fire prevention poster contest and took the money and bought her at Gibson's.  She wasn't cheap and I was proud I bought her with my own money.  
She crawled and walked if I remember correctly.

HEAD-BUST-THINGY....whatever it was!!!  
I spent hours in the bathroom washing and rolling her hair, putting on make up, making her beautiful.  
Good grief.  Kinda creepy now, huh?  I loved this toy.  
Photo from She was a Bird
I had a beautiful Russian Madame Alexander Doll, from my dad.  I was very firmly instructed it was not to be touched or played with, ever, ever, ever.  And we all know what happens when we tell a little kid NOT to do something???  I tried not to play with it as long as I could, but the devil eventually got the best of me and made me play with her.
I treasured her.  I think I still have her some where. 
Madame Alexander Doll

I remember having a Dankin Pink Poodle on the shelf behind my bed.  
Image off ebay
Seriously, seriously loved my Snoopy Plush Doll 
and all his rad outfit changes.
Image off Ebay, with lots of outfits included. Sweet!

I'm pretty sure I had this Skipper Doll Case, or I inherited my cousin Tracy's.  
I remember the house on the bottom right.  
Image from Remembering the 70's
And while we're on the subject of Barbie's, I played the heck out of those things, and I think I remember happily playing Barbies with my daughter.  Just to oblige her, of course. :)
My favorite way to torture my brother 
was to make his GI Joe's kiss my Barbies.  
Hahaha! Sisters are so mean!  My poor brother had 3 sisters. 
How can you not feel sorry for a boy with 3 mean sisters?
70's Child Blogspot
I remember a neighbor named Becky had the Barbie Townhouse and I coveted that thing so badly, I could have DIED!!!  And my other neighbor Lacey had the Barbie Camper.  
So if I wasn't at Becky's, I was at Lacey's.  Everyone but me had all the groovy Barbie stuff.  
Waaaa..... poor me.  What a brat I was. 

Image off Google Search
Image off Google Search
And can I close this blog entry without mentioning toys of siblings, which I, on occasion, 
was able to steal borrow for additional play time?? 
Heck NO! Gotta give our boys their place in the "doll" spotlight. 

Stretch...I love you man!!

The Six Million Dollar Man... The doll had way more personality than Steve Austin.
Image from Retroland
And lastly,
The man, 
the myth, 
the legend...
The man who was probably behind all our psychotic, idiotic, 
death defying stunt tricks...
because back then...
programs did not come with "do not try this at home" warnings, 
(and we did it all without helmets or seat belts)!
..........The best toy EVA............  
The Evel Knievel Wind Up Chopper - Thingy.  haha!!!  Awesome! 
Image borrowed from Retroland, which is a great place to visit
I'm sure I've forgotten some, but I've got to run.
I've got toys to wrap for a new generation of children.

Be blessed and Be a blessing!

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Melinda Hollis said...

Okay, so you want to hear something sorta awesome like? Lee Majors is going to be in Kansas City at the Comicon in March. :D

Michal Woodruff said...

Melinda that is just too cool. My life goal is to attend comicon in San Diego. Have fun. I'm jealous.

April Dunlap said...

FUN! Barbie, barbie, barbie. That was it for me in the 80s. There was the doll at my grandmother's house with long red hair and an expandable ponytail--not sure she looked like the one you pictured. I played with her, but she was always a bit strange to me! Lol.
Meanwhile, my son has three older sisters...your comment about that cracked me up. He's going to be a good husband, I declare!
Happy MONDAY!!!!! :)

Missy Shay said...

That was a fun post! I was born in 1973 too!

andrea creates said...

fun memories!
i always got a doll~i had a pretty big collection of madame alexander dolls that my grandmothers got me before they passed away.i had the barbie dreamhouse and van too :)amazingly, i still have most of my toys!!
some cousins had the six million $ men/strecth times...

Jann Olson said...

Oh my, talk about a walk down memory lane. Not so much for me, but for my kids. I did have a Bradley doll growing up and lots of Barbie stuff. My middle daughter, Karrah had the Barbie van. And I remember that doll that the hair grew. So fun looking back. Kids hardly even want dolls any more. I'm thinking you must be more around the age of my kids. Oh how I loved those Christmases when they were young! Thanks for sharing with SYC and have a very Merry Christmas!

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