Sunday, December 22, 2013

Family Springer Spaniel Christmas Photos

Marshall Waitforit....this was his name.
My son did that. Do you watch, "How I met your Mother"?  LOL
If you don't, then nevermind. You won't get the joke of his last name. 
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These are some of our family photos taken this fall. 
If you need an affordable Tampa, Florida photographer, 
I have tons of photos to share but I'm waiting 
until after Christmas as many are gifts for family.

My husband and I, with our Springers. Marshall, the pretty one out front was our more recent foster to place, but he was a part of our family for a few months so he made the "family photo cut" he was the only one being good for photos.  LOL
Such a beautiful dog.  We miss him.
Charlie and Olivia are to your left.

My husband and Marshall
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We volunteer for ESRA(English Springer Resuce America)
and have fostered 4 dogs this year. 
2 were rehomed into perfect and wonderful families.
2 were kept by us. :) 
Charlie and Olivia are our newest fur babies this year.
That's NOT a Foster Fail. 
It's just that our home turned out to be 
the perfect new homes for them. 
This photo is why we had to keep Charlie.  He fell soooooooooo hard for Tim. Charlie was extremely abused, possibly tortured.  He was found on the streets in Alabama.  We were his 3rd foster home.  It was time to give Charlie some peace and security.  We didn't have the heart to rip him away from Tim.  They are the cutest "couple".  If you look closely, you can see a small, thinning patch under his right eye.  He was burned.  We don't know who burned him or why, but he is covered in burn scars.  And beating scars across his back.  Charlie has come a long way.  We're so proud of his recovery and his new found trust with humans.
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Charlie is 100 % water dog and he would swim himself to exhaustion and drown if we let him.  He swam for 45 minutes one day and I finally had to make him get out so we could go home. Olivia likes the water ok, and Marshall hated it.  Charlie looooooves it.  I wish we had better water for him to swim.  I'm so afraid of Alligators in Florida.  ughh...
This is my little angel Olivia. She was kept in a cage for 20 hours a day.
Now she can run free and get cuddles whenever she wants them.

If you are interested in adopting a Springer Spaniel
please view the ESRA web page and keep an eye out for the 
perfect dog for your family.
If you want to learn more about English Springer Spaniels there are websites and books.  
They are cheerful family pets and I love their size.  
They aren't too big and powerful and
they aren't too small and annoying.   
I'm not opposed to GOOD, MORAL, ETHICAL breeders, 
but I strongly urge everyone to 
Think Adoption First. 
sooo, sooo, soooooooo many good, beautiful affectionate 
dogs of all breeds 
anxious to love your families. 

Merry Christmas.


Michelle said...

I am so glad you share with us on your blog. I love seeing your dog.....oh and cat (sorry pooh) pictures. We only have one dog from a local breeder. Our other dog we found on pet finder. One cat was brought up by a dog we used to have, hubby bottle feed her. Other cat I got from a shelter in the next town over no bottle but had to get milk replacement for her too. Thanks for getting the word out about these wonderful pets. :-)

Michelle said...
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Missy Shay said...

Your photos turned out great! I wish I could get family photos with my cats, but that does not work very well! LOL

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