Monday, March 11, 2013

Spots and Sprinkles of Orange

Well OF COURSE we thrifted while I was in Texas.  :) 
My daughter has a very neutral living room with creams, grays and browns. 
She wanted tiny sprinkles of coralish orange and aqua for accent.  
Neither one of us own anything "orangey" so that was our thrifting goal.   
The easiest and cheapest way for us to add "orange" we found, was with books.  These books were .25 cents each.  This arrangement was a grand total of $1.25. 

SWEET SCORE!!  Love the James and the Giant Peach first edition hardback,
although it was a library copy. 

The owl bookends she and her husband received from his grandma's house. 

The hat was his grandpa's. The twig is a piece of mistletoe
 we found in the back yard.  The picture was from their wedding.  
We found that aqua frame at a thrift store ages ago.
 (Always keep an eye open for frames while thrifting
as they can become any color you want).

OK, now y'all know I love art, right?  And it pained me to give this to my daughter, but she needed the orange more than I did at the time.  
I absolutely LOVE this $3.50 find. 
I grabbed it because it was orange and made me think of birds of paradise, which my mother loves.  Well, actually I grabbed it because it was $3.50.  haha 
I got home and Googled the artist name and it turns out, she was an artist from Denver. 
I have found little on her so far, but I plan on researching her some more.

When thrifting, do you ever wonder how items migrate all over the world? 
I wonder how this painting ended up in a teeny tiny Texas town in a teeny tiny thrift store. 
It was meant to be!  (Like The Red Violin). 
So glad it's "in the family".  It's found a forever home,
and I pray treasured for generations. 

LOVE this vintage frame too. 
Her new orange thrifts totaled $4.75!!!
Bruiser, my grandson models his corner of the sofa. 
He snorted, "But Nana, you PROMISED." 
Sigh.  OK young lad, here is your pillow back.  Please be a good boy. 
(I spoiled him with a $12.00 pillow from Wal-Mart for the last of our orange spending spree)
Do you have thoughts on Orange? 
I always think I hate it, until I'm pushed to "like" it. 
Hope you're inspired to pick a color and hunt for thrifty treasures too.

Life is sooooooooooo good! 
Be grateful!  Be blessed!  
Hope you'll leave a comment. 
I would love to know those who stop in and read.
~The End~
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