Friday, March 22, 2013

DIY Bride Feature ~ My Daughter's Thrift Store Wedding

Greetings to all my beautiful peoples. 
No time to talk.  My son and I are outside painting furniture. 
BUT...wanted to share with you our good news today. 

That would all be MY WORK (a full year's worth of work and tons of thrifting). 
But you know moms...we love our only daughter's and will jump in front of a moving train to make ANYTHING happen for them. 
This was a $5,000
Thrift Store & Family Heirloom wedding.
(ok, maybe a little more than that, but at least under $8,000.  I did a good job keeping it around $5,000, give or take a few, until my husband, the saint, decided everyone needed to eat dinner).
Lot's of things we wanted to do, but just ran out of time. 
That happens when you're doing your own wedding. 
It's better to be rich and hire people to do it all.  LOL 
Isn't she the most beautiful girl woman you ever saw?
I miss her so much I could throw up.

OK, BBL.  Gotta run.  Paint is drying.
****waves to adoring crowd****

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Kathe said...

I had to laugh, sigh, and then, nod at "I miss her so much I could throw up." I feel the same when I think about my sons, their wives and my grandson!! And yes, your daughter is truly beautiful! Oh and, congrats on the feature!! That is so exciting!

Marium said...

First of all you look way to young to have a daughter getting married! Incredible job, mom, everything looks amazing. I just love all the lace and the place settings, oh my! Love the bouquet and would love to know more about her dress. She is gorgeous!

AllyJo said...

Having your child marry well and leave home is the most beautiful and most horrible thing in the world. You're so happy for them as they are in a good place, but life without them is miserable. *sniff*

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

Very beautiful. I like you comment above Ally Jo, makes me appreciate our current season all the more. With 6 daughters at home (and two sons) there will hopefully be many many beautiful weddings ahead - and many farewells.....

Nancy said...

Sounds like you did a great job in creating a beautiful and memorable wedding - a great gift to give for any daughter...she looks looks beautiful by the way! :)

Liz said...

What a great compliment to be featured! And what a beautiful bride your daughter made. My daughter lives on the East coast, miles and miles away from me. I share the same feeling!

mail4rosey said...

She is beautiful and you did wonderful, congrats on the feature!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you mama on your hard work and the feature!

Your daughter is absolutely stunningly beautiful!!

Thia said...

Very exciting!

AllyJo said...

I've been painting furniture all weekend with my boys and hadn't meant to not comment. Thank you all for celebrating with me. It was a nice compliment and I'm so proud of all the work we did. Proud of my daughter too and the man she chose.

Megan Price said...

What an absolutely gorgeous wedding! How exciting to have it featured :-)

Heather Kaluf said...

Absolutely stunning! What a wonderful wedding.

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