Thursday, December 20, 2012

Secret Santa Soiree Swap

I was the first to sign up for the Secret Santa Soiree Swap at Coloradolady
Why not, I say......this could be fun.  Gifting is my Love Language, so I'm pretty good at it.  :) 
Plus, I consider myself a "Hunter Gatherer" by trade.  The harder I shopped, the more fun the $20.00 budget became.  I found a TON of good stuff for $20.00.  I think my Secret Santa up in Yankee territory liked her box. 
Next it was my turn.
I opened the package I received from my own Secret Santa after we returned home from our Christmas cruise.  I came home with a psychotic head cold.  The kind of cold that makes you crazy and you kinda foam at the mouth a little and scare people.  So I haven't meant to be neglectful in thanking my Secret Santa with beautiful handwriting from the snow belt, I think OH some where.  She's probably a Buckeye.  She sent the sweetest box full of Lovies for me, all with notes to treasure.  
So thank you, to my Secret Santa!  Leisel opened the box with me and was just as excited to rip open the packages.  She ate one of her treats right away!!!  And Pooh.....he's very ungrateful and somewhat nasty at times (to everyone but me), but I gave his tail a good yank and he said he was sorry and that he is grateful for the purple ball after all. 
I'll share with you our afternoon festivities and show exactly how things went down: 
This is what my box looked like all wrapped up and pretty.  I over did it on the snow a little...I live in Florida.  A girl can dream, can't she? 
I got lots of "paper" which is my favorite.  Anything papery!  Note cards.  Stationery.  Socks!!!  (I LOVE socks).  A Book.  A Magazine.  A pattern.  Oh...and cat fabric of course and some Gardenia smell good stuff that will go in the sewing room "Studio" as I collect vintage fabrics and it's starting to smell "vintage" in there.  I hate that smell.  I love my lovlies. 
Leisel (Lee Lee the Cow Dog) sat with me and was pretty chill through the whole thing until she saw she got a present too.  Oh boy! 
What the.....???  (Pooh was asleep so I rolled the ball to his nose.  He sniffed.  Didn't care).
He wouldn't play with it, so I put it on his back.  He screams like a girl who ran into a spider web, "GET IT OFF.  GET IT OFF". 
Oh.  Wait.  Excuse me for a second.  I have an itch.  OK, all better.  (RUDE!!)
OK Mom.  Tell me what to do.  Do I look at it?  Or what?  Chase it?  I don't get it. 
Ohhhhh, you want me to model?  Well I can do that.  Because I'm so pretty.  Work it.  I'm "Smizing".     
This is my "Calvin Klein Underwear Make Like a Sphinx" pose.   
This is how I vogue!  (At this point, he's just showing off).   
Mmk, are we done now.  I'm bored.   
Ignore it and maybe it will go away.   
Nope.  Still there.   
 Wow, it rolls and it smells........interesting. 

Mom, I told you I was done.  Back off.   
Moooommmm......Leisel's touching my ball. HEY DOG, GET AWAY FROM MY BALL.   
Have no fear.  I tied a bunch of yarn around the ball and he played and is still playing, with his new purple ball. 
God's in His heaven; all's right with the world.


~The End~
Peace and Blessings.
Choose Joy.

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Sarah Jane said...

Loved this post! It's so fun!

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