Monday, December 17, 2012

Back in Baby's Arms

Glad my co-dependent mom is back safe with me.  She has a hard time without me.  I ate way too many tuna nips and stayed drunk on lobster martini's while I watched the ending of "Breakfast at Tiffany's" over and over again.  The last scene where Audrey and George kiss in the rain and find CAT in the alley gets me every time.  I cry like a kitten! 
The house sitter made it clear she didn't like cats which was cool because I didn't like her either.  Meoowwwrrrrrrr.  (There is only one woman for me, and that's my mom).  I ignored the house sitter well, which is my purrfectly mastered skill....ignoring people.  I also went on a grooming strike while Mom was gone.  Left all my sticker burrs for Mom to brush out. 
I keep sniffing her.  She smells like salt water and coconuts. 
How was your weekend? 
Over and out.  Gonna get cuddled while mom sings Patsy Cline to me.  Feels good to purr again.  Almost forgot what it was like. 
~The End~

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