Friday, December 21, 2012

Keeping it Real, Amiable Peoples

I understand your temptation to copy my trademark look and steal my decorating ideas and my ever so fabulous photography, being as this is a super duper trendy, superior "Lifestyle" blog and all... 
Please contain your enthusiasm.  Maybe try for a little more originality next time. 
Don't copy the "Saints" (ME) of holiday decor. 
Here is my covet inducing tour of my holiday home at this very moment in time. 
I have a hateful cold. 
Meaning, it makes me hateful and whiny. 
The Rats and the Nutcrackers are fighting and there is a fog of war in my virus infested nose.throat.ears.& chest. 
Pray the hero wins in the end!
My eclectic decorating style.  Dig a bunch of stuff out, throw it up there thinking the shoe maker's elves will come make it pretty. 
They never show up.  Oy vey! 
Oh crap!  Is that Halloween still out?  Oh, HEY...there's Pooh's new ball! 
Clean this mess up peoples~
See all my beautiful gifts wrapped under our pretty tree, on top of our heirloom tree skirt? 
*face palm* 
Speaking of tree......that ONE pink ornament is the bomb!  Awesome!!!! 
Found a goose feather on a friends farm.  Stuck in the tree!  Weeee!!!!   
Oh, and hey......what's up with people taking pictures of their beautiful kitchen sinks. 
Here's mine!  Enjoy!  Jealous are you???  Bah!   
Here is my, "At least I brushed my hair and put it up in a ponytail" self portrait.   
I didn't invent it, but I ROCK it. 

Feel free to copy anything within this delectable Christmas post and claim it as your own. 
Don't quote me or I'll deny it.
Merry Christmas to all.  And to all a good night. 
~~~~~glug glug glug goes the Nyquil~~~~
~The End~


Coloradolady said...

I am sorry to say, I must have copied you and forgot! I am seeing much of the same thing around here...and I have no excuse!!! Feel better soon!!!

Sweet Woodruff said...

hahaha........ Well you have class then because you only copy the best!! :)

Thia said...

I am totally rocking your sink decorations as well here. And the fashionable red nose from blowing it too much. Hope you feel better soon!

April D said...

Wow! My sink looks like that too!
And the plastic boxes are rockin' trendy this year, I we have thirteen of them still OUT.
That said, your first picture with the milk glass and lacy snowy-looking linens is really PRETTY!
Hope you feel better super-soon...
Merry Christmas! :)

LaDomna said...

Yes! Finally!! My home looks like the one in the blog! Yay!

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