Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cheater Decoupage

ETA:  Heads up peeps...personification and figurative language is used in the post below. 
In case there was a problem... 
If you know what I mean... 

About that utilitarian bookshelf in my living room.....
say utilitarian 3 times fast...
It holds larger items that won't fit any where else. 
 I want them within easy reach for the family. 
Things such as photo albums, vinyl and a few family treasures
 I want close so we can see them everyday. 

It's too dark
It's been too dark for a long time. 
I don't have the time to mess with it and I can't bring myself to paint it.  
He hasn't "told" me he wants to be painted, either.   

It's a custom made shelf made from salvaged barn wood out of Georgia.
I love him.
He is constant and faithful.

I was quilting. 
You can see the quilt top on the floor.  :) 
I look over and feel bothered, ONCE AGAIN, by the heaviness of this book shelf. 
He is a mess.   
Bless his heart. 
 I'm not being fair.  He works so hard for us. 

I need him to lighten up and not be such a downer. 
Since I won't paint it, I had an idea. 
Why not slap some paper on him, at least in the back ground. 
It can be a nice temporary fix.


I have tons of old hymnals. 
I took some Scotch mounting squares, and because I'm so cheap,
I even cut the squares into smaller squares. 
It doesn't take much. 

Just start randomly pinning them up there. 
If you need smaller pieces for edges or corners,
I think ripping the paper looks better than cutting. 

One shelf down, 4 more to go. 
Then for my vignettes, I throw stuff up there and play with it. 

Live with it for a day or two, or a week....  LOL 
I have found my eyes get tired and I have to walk away and clear my palette if you will. 
The next morning you can see things you didn't see before. 
Your treasures will tell you when they want moved or removed

It looks a little lighter and fresher without the mess and a big huge commitment of paint or decopage. 


Choose Joy. 

Be blessed and Be a Blessing!

"I would be most content if my children grew up to be the kind of people who think decorating consists mostly of building enough bookshelves." 
~  Anna Quindlen

Maggie leaves Poo in stitches


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JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

I love love love love that idea. I have a cabinet that is dark and dreary -just part of it - so I'm now on the prowl for paper to do this with - I think I'll use sheet music, we'll see. Thanks for the great idea.

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