Sunday, February 24, 2013

You're kidding me right? ~thrift store adventures~

Just had a Twilight Zone moment and thought I would share while it was fresh on my mind. 
I collect hard back children's books, mostly the classics. 
Rarely a paper back, but sometimes the need arises.
My dad's name was Freddie. 
He "worked" for the "government" and was "assassinated" in 1993. 
(True story.  I, sadly, kid you not). 
His second daughter, my sister, is named Allyson.
I liked that name so much, I named my only daughter, Allyson.
Spelled, 2 L's and 1 Y. 
Not very original of me, but I love the classic name.  The minute I found out I was pregnant,
I knew it was a girl and her name was Allyson. 
There was nothing to discuss!
My poor husband never got a chance to contribute name ideas.  *shrugs*
My dad only got to meet 1 grandchild before he "died".  That would be Allyson.
He has had 3 more born since then.  They will never know his humor. 
He was the funniest (and smartest) man I ever knew. 
I have 2 children's books with "Freddy" on the front cover.  This is my second.  
I have a nice collection of Freddy books growing.  LOL
Big deal.  I was happy to find it but thought nothing of it. 
It was a .25 thrift store purchase. 
This totally looks like my dad too.  He would be the type to stand on a box and think he's all smart and important.  Well.  He kinda was.  But anyway,

Notice anything up top? 
Yep.  Are you seeing what I'm seeing? 
Someone else wrote that, not me. 
Woah.  What are the odds?  Freddy is not a common name and
spelling Allyson this way is not the most common. 
Is it me, or is this freaky weird?  Did my dad just say hi to me.  Is he playing a joke on me?  Just think it's so stinkin' funny...and kinda creepy.  Good creepy, not bad creepy. 
So to the average Joe, this is just a stupid coincidence. 
I don't believe in coincidences. 
I think sometimes God smiles on us or comforts us with sweet little things.
I really miss him. 
Be Blessed and Be a Blessing.
Pooh, the "I Know Nothing" cat, is extraordinarily SPOOKED
and wants to get to bottom of this.
~ The End ~
I guess next, I will have to read I, Freddy, Book 1 in the Golden Hamster Saga, , by Dietlof Reiche, and give you a book report.  :)
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Allison said...

yes, I want a book report! :) this looks like a book my middle child would love - he has a special place in his heart for the silly & for hamsters, but his mother won't allow rodents in the house. even if they are domesticated. ;)

Linda @ A La Carte said...

My friend calls these 'God Winks' just to let us know he is there with us and knows our heart! Love the book! hugs, Linda

Van said...

What a sweet, trippy story!? That is just too odd to be a coincidence! Thank you for sharing your history and the inspiring story from the thrifts, of all places ;)

Thia said...

Hugs from heaven! How wonderful! Tell Pooh that sometimes he just needs to roll with it. You know, like when he runs around the house like a lunatic, but then sits down and starts grooming as if nothing had ever happened and could never?

ThrifterSisters said...

I too do not believe in coincidences. It is much more fun to think that things are happening to us from a distant or lost love one for a reason!

Love your story.


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