Saturday, February 23, 2013

Springer Spaniel rescue and foster

Checking in and hoping to be posting again regularly.  I don't like taking breaks. 
It throws me off.

The Bad News

I think I mentioned before, we are dealing with some pretty horrible health issues.  My husband has just been diagnosed with Graves Disease.  It's terrible.  You wouldn't wish it on your worst enemy.  He is stable now, but just barely.  He does well for a week or 2 and the thyroid goes crazy again and they have to adjust.  He is a very sick man.  It's breaking my heart watching him suffer. 


The Good News

King Charles the Magnificient

We are finally "IN" with the English Springer Spaniel Rescue
We have our first foster. 
His name is Charlie and he is wonderfully beautiful and well behaved. 

If you click on the available dog link above, you will have to scroll down to see Charlie's info.  His pictures don't do him justice.  He is so much prettier in person. 
Also, we are in the Southeast, Florida.  :) 
You can search your area for available dogs.

Charlie loves to hold hands with a lady. 

He's been through a lot.  He was a badly burned stray from Alabama.  He has great bones and DNA I think, as he stands like a champion sometimes.  :) 
He is a "velcro" Springer....  Looooves his people, whoever they might be. 

He is a perfect guard dog.  Barks just enough when he hears something strange, but doesn't go Chihuahua crazy.  (sorry disrespect intended). 

He bonded strongly with his other foster mom and now has bonded well with my husband.  He does love the ladies though.  I've bonded with him too but I'm a very sensitive person and am trying not to love him too much. 
It will hurt when he leaves. 

He has a good family temperment and would do well with children. 
He gets a long well with Lee Lee and the cats too.

We already love him and he has brought lots of smiles and joy the past few days, but we are determined not to get in the habit of keeping every foster.  We want to help the breed and help the cause and if we keep them all, we will eventually run out of room and can't foster any more.

Charlie is eating up all the hugs he is getting.  Such a cheerful lover. 

PLEASE Share this link with other Springer Spaniel lovers
and anyone who is looking to adopt a
VERY good dog for their family. 

Be blessed and Be a Blessing


Pooh's opinion, "Get. That. Dog. Outta. My. House.
I ain't comin' in till he gone.
Not. Comin. In."

Relax Pooh.  You're being a jerk. 
You forget your mom was rescued.  Show mercy and compassion on every living thing, dork!


TexWisGirl said...

he's SUCH a beautiful dog! i love him already (and i'm grateful i'm not near florida!)

but i am so sorry to hear of your husband's health issues! i do hope he can remain stable and his health is manageable!

Thia said...

He is magnificent! Always nice to have some animals friends around when ill, hopefully they are a comfort to your husband.

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