Saturday, February 9, 2013

Weekending ~ Winter in Florida

Stopping in for news and notes:
I hate when I fall off the blogging wagon as I lose my bloggy mojo rhythm, so to speak. 
Here is what has been going on in our life. 
My computer is half broken, sometimes completely broken.  I'm mostly using my phone to check in on facebook lately.  :(  It's sad how much our lives revolve around our computers, eh?   
My husband has Graves Disease, making his life miserable, therefore we are all miserable. 
It's strawberry harvest season.  We are busy freezing and jamming. 
We will be part of a Springer Spaniel rescue network soon. 
We have lots to prepare around the home.
We are putting in the spring garden, hoping it's not too late.  We should have planted lots already.
I do my best to inspire is my winter fashion guide for Florida  :)
 Florida still gets cold in the winter.  I wear shorts and duck boots.  hahaha 
(OK, not outside the house in public, mind you, but my feet are FREEZING!!!)
Well, that's a wrap. Hope I can get back in here regularly again next week.
~Be blessed and be a blessing~


Anonymous said...

AllyJo, i absolutely adore your Duck boots- gona get me a pair for yard work and jumping mud-puddles ~:)

Sorry life is not playing fair right now- i pray your hubs will be as well as he can be.

Computers can be extremely frustrating!

Have a blessed Sunday.

Thia said...

So many plates spinning. Hugs and prayers. Hopefully your husband will get some relief soon. Looking forward to hearing more about the Springer rescue stuff.

Lorraine said...

I like your styling foot wear :)

Having a half broken computer is not fun for sure. Nice to read your update though.

Pieces of Sunshine said...

Lots happening at your place. Hope you computer woes are past now - hope your husband is adjusting to any changes...

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