Sunday, October 13, 2013

Springer Spaniel Florida Foster ~ Marshall

Thank you to all my new followers. 
I promise I'm not ignoring you.  I will try to respond as soon as I can. 
I had a little accident with my eye and it made looking at the computer screen painful last week. 
All is well now.
(He answers to Marshall, Marshy and Marshmallow)
He has gorgeous Topaz brown eyes
Marshall's health has improved significantly. 
When we first got him, he was COVERED......seriously covered...
as in one. solid. mass.
of giant scab from flea bites, scratching and chewing. 
His skin was in terrible shape. 
He had several bald spots and very thin hair. 
He was an owner surrender. 
Emotionally, he was well cared for and loved. 
Because of a family crisis, they could not afford his medical care.   
It was very, very painful for them to surrender him and after fostering this precious soul for many weeks, I know what they were going through that night we took him. 
How do you surrender the perfect dog?
(and he really, really is)

He honestly and truly has nothing wrong with his personality.  
The only naughty thing he has done has been counter surfing! 
Oops!  Gotta put the food up. 
He has the BEST manners and is so chill and easy going. 
Nothing bothers him!!!
Wonderfully happy, cheerful and playful, but not crazy-hyper. 
He loooooves hunting lizards and he is as fast as a greyhound.  Whew, he can fly!!!
He loves us and has bonded well with everyone.

He is shy and is a little reserved, although, not skittish and nervous. 
When he first meets new people, especially men, he is cautious.  He will stand behind our legs and hide.  He eventually might sniff you, but he won't show an interest in you.  After he has met you several times, he finally starts trusting you.  It took him maybe a good week not to be cautious with us. 
We take him around to say hi to neighbors on his walk. 
He is meeting new people and gradually being friendly with them.
My favorite little thing he does: when he wants a hug or wants to show affection, he will stand next to you and kind of put his body up against you.  Not powerfully, but just enough to let you know he is there, he likes you and will you please give him a hug? 

Although he fits in, loves everyone and gets along with all the dogs in our home and neighborhood, even the cats!!!...I can't help but feel a little sorry for him.  Our pack has been together awhile and it's almost like he is an outsider or odd man out.  The girl dogs hang out with me.  And Charlie hangs out with Dad.  I feel like Marshall is ready, waiting and wanting his own special person.  Charlie isn't always in the mood to share Daddy and Olivia isn't always in the mood to share Mama. 

Marshall needs his own family.  He had children to love at his other home.  He is meek and gentle and will do well with children again.  He was home alone for up to 16 hours a day in the past.  I hope in his new home, he will have someone with him.  I would hate to see him crated and alone all day. 
If you are interested in adopting Marshall, he will be listed on the "available Springers" board soon. 
Click HERE and watch the South East board.
If you're interest in a Springer Spaniel, please consider adopting.
You can foster a dog, help with transportation and pick up,
or donate $$$ which helps with food and vet bills. 


KaHolly said...

He's a lucky boy to have found such a good foster home!

Michal Woodruff said...

Thank you KaHolly. We are lucky to have him. He is soooooooooo sweet and lots of fun.

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