Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Morning Dog Walk with our Springers

I hope you are healthy, well and 
savoring all there is to be admired in Autumn.
My favorite thing about Florida autumn:
Well...SORT OF!! 
(Seriously, I took the dogs to the dog park yesterday about 4:30 PM and they overheated. Ugh)

It's best to take them into the woods first thing in the morning.  
We turn them loose and set them free...
Springers "SPRINGING", 
 frenzied with activity is fun to watch.

There are wild turkey and dove all over.  
So many delicious things to smell and track

Olivia sticks close to Mom and Dad.

I like this picture of Marshall.  He is "springing" here. 

Marshall and Charlie are crazy hunters. They stick together and tag team tunnel through the grass.

Marshall can fly! WhooooooBoyyy! He can run. Fast as a Greyhound. A Gazelle. A Cheetah. 
Blink and you've missed him.  He LOOOOOVES TO RUN!

I asked Olivia to pose beside the wild morning glories. This was all she would give me. :)

"Wait up Dad!" 

Charlie, our heart breaker.  The grass is very tall.  He tunnels, gets tangled and goes honey badger. 
Except he is scared of thunder. And zombies. He hates zombies.

My 2 girls. The lights of my life.  LeeLee the Cow Dog never, ever leaves my side. 

Homeward bound.  Until tomorrow.....

If you don't know the story, all our dogs are rescued. 
(And Marshall is a foster dog through ESRA )
I'm not against "GOOD", principled dog breeders (and would maybe buy one if I could afford it), 
I just like to kindly and gently suggest people 
"Think Adoption First"
So many dogs in foster care of all breeds are waiting for a family and home.
Visit their web pages and shop the abandoned, rescued and waiting dogs first. 


Thia said...

They are so pretty!

KaHolly said...

Your dogs are beautiful! I don't have pets because of my schedule, but my daughter has 3 cats and 2 dogs, and all are rescues!

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