Thursday, July 29, 2010

Get off my stuff

For my art projects, I keep a bag of tiny pieces of paper which I can't throw away.
Pooh loves this bag. He climbs up and lies in it. Something about plastic and paper is so much squishy fun!!!

I gently placed him back on the floor. I move the bag to an uncomfortable place, trying to make it look less inviting. 8 seconds later, he climbs back up and snuggles into the cozy nesting spot.


GET OFF MY STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm super annoyed and aggravated by this time, ready to punch a kitty...(not really). I'm trying to think of the most evil, the most cruel, the most vengeful retaliation I could quickly come up with.....

All I could think of was to tickle him with scraps of paper. THERE! That will show him! It will drive him nuts and he will leave me alone and keep his nasty fur off my stuff.

Oy vey! Forget it. You stay here, and I WILL MOVE. You win.

(You can see in the last picture, he is REALLY bothered. He rolls over and blinks at me...then goes back to sleep).

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