Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Children's love notes

I was digging through some stuff and this turned up. I thought it was so sweet and funny. Don't you just love finding old surprises from your kids? I think my daughter made this card for me years ago. I can tell it's her handwriting.
My son is (was) a great little artist and drew dozens of pictures everyday for years and I would find them all over the house. I miss that.
Kinda sad when your little ones grow up. You miss all the little things they used to do.
It's ok I guess....*sigh*.... Now I'll just enjoy all the NEW little things with my BIG kids. They don't fit in my lap any more, but they're still just as sweet.

If you like the little magnets, they are from my friend, the most amazing artist and human being. Here is one of her websites. Journal Junk

You can buy her collage sheets of her "inchie" work on etsy. Lia's Collage Sheets

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