Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Mother~Daughter~Grandmother~Great Grandmother and our DNA

I can’t find good pictures looking straight at my daughter's face, but here are a few.  

This is girlchild with Daddy.
Here we are on a good day. Mother and daughter. I love this girl. She’s never given me a moments grief. Always been a very easy, loving child. What on earth did I do to deserve her???? God has blessed me.

I don’t think she’s enjoying this. She’s procrastinating concentration.

Awww…yes, it’s finally coming to her. Ah-ha! Latin really is easy if you think about it long enough.

Here is my sweet better half on my birthday. I’m sorry we’re always squinting, but we live in the Sunshine State, you know...the sun is always in our eyes. We smile with our eyes half open.

So here is my grandma (Thank you Melinda for posting it). I have her nose and lips. My daughter has the same nose, lips and chin as her. My daughter and I have grandma's high pitched sqeaky voice too.  DNA is funny AND fun.  I look a little like my mother too I guess, but I'm too lazy to dig those pictures out.

Dorothy Belle Seitter

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