Friday, August 31, 2007

Do you save your half square triangles ~ HST?

Whenever I sew half-square triangles, my frugal, obsessive compulsive nature can't bear to throw the tiny little pieces of triangle way.  There are a 1,001 things you can do with them; here are a few HST ideas on Pinterest.  Fabric is too expensive to throw away. 

It is time consuming to mark and sew both sides of your half square triangle.  I tried eye-balling them as I was sewing, but it was too difficult to sew in a straight line.  I finally drew a soft pencil line with a mechanical pencil.  It made sewing much easier.

If you're speed quilting, you probably won't want to mess with it (I'LL TAKE YOUR SCRAPS!!!) but if you have the time, go ahead and stitch the other side of your square, and you'll have a sweet little "saw-tooth" ready for a border or other scrappy blocks

These are my sewn, saved, tiny half square triangles on the left.  The triangles on the right are often garbage, tossed away.  What??  Look at all that expensive batik!  No way.  I'll use that up, thank you very much. 

Do you throw away the triangles or do you try to keep them and use them?
What other things can we do with our scraps.
Looking forward to hearing your scrap wisdom.

I hope you'll follow my blog.
Quilting is more fun when done with friends.

Be blessed and Be a blessing.

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