Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Cutting out a quilt

Pooh the Narcissist, won't allow me to cut out my new quilt. I push (gently remove) him off the table and he jumps right back up there to attack the ruler, fabric and rotary cutter. I think he wants to be a helper? It's driving me nuts, but he's so funny.  (quietly screams under breath)

Pooh loves Moda and I love Black Bird Designs. Together, Pooh and I make a great quilting team.  I love this sampler fabric.  I wish I had bought tons of it over the years.  It's an all time favorite, a classic. Something you can go back and visit again and again and know you'll feel the cotton between your fingers with a smile on your face.  

Do you sew with an animal partner?  Which animal makes the best pet for a sewing room? 
A cat or a dog?  

I'm excited to hear your thoughts. The comment section is a friendly place. Really.  :)  
OH! And please follow our blog.  We want to grow!  

Be Blessed. 

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