Friday, February 21, 2014

Fabulous Friday Fabric Fun

Where did everyone go?  Oh.  Wait.  It's me who is MIA.

Did I tell you my mother in moving in with us?  We are busy getting 3 rooms upstairs ready for her. Whew!  I'm exhausted.  She'll have a bedroom, a sitting room and a bathroom all to herself up there.  I will share pictures of the finished rooms soon.  I'm going to Texas on March 3rd to get her.

Here is some fabric I found at the thrift store.  Actually these are 2 pillowcases, I found for .99 cents each.   There are about 2 yards of fabric here.  Wow!  I win!  Can't wait to cut it up and put it in a scrappy "I Spy" for a little girl.

Did I mention I'm exhausted?  I need a vacation.  My husband is working 14 to 16 hours a day and he has promised when this project is complete, we get to go some where and be quiet for awhile.  :)

Ahhhh.....peace....such a glorious idea.

But taking lots of quilting breaks to keep my head clear and relaxed.  :) One of my favorite things this year so far has been my Judy Hopkins calendar: 365 Quilt-Block Patterns Perpetual Calendar: The Best of Judy Hopkins.

I've had quilt calendars before, but this one has been fun and challenging both.  I've needed a refresher course in accuracy and these blocks are forcing me to be very careful.  I also tend to be lazy with patterns I choose.  These blocks are forcing me out of my square and rectangle comfort zone and I'm having to do lots of tiny triangles.  It's been nice practice and a much needed distraction for me.

This is my least favorite one so far.  LOL  Kansas Troubles was A LOT of trouble!!!  But that's good.  I know where I went wrong and will try something different next time.  I'll show you more soon.  :)

Do you have a block a day calendar?  Are you doing any kind of block a day or quilt alongs?  What are you working on right now?

Be blessed and be a blessing.  xoxox

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